October 12, 2002 | 1:02 a.m.
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Good grief, every day flies by faster than the next.

So, I went to the funeral of my old voice teachers father today. No, I don't know this man at all, never met him, didn't even know his name really, but go to the funeral I did. I'm close to this woman, she's my total mentor, I'm directing a play with her right now, it just felt like something I should be doing. My question is, what is it with funerals? I think I could probably wander past a funeral home at any given moment, meander in and attend a strangers funeral and still cry. So, this funeral today, it was really very sweet, very simple, and yet I was emotional the whole time; shedding tears unapologetically a time or two. We were all s'posed to stand and sing "Amazing Grace" because it was his favorite hymn, and as I stood, next to my sweet husband (always a ball baby at funerals, but that's another long story) and looked at the casket draped in the American Flag, and wept. I choked on every word, because all I could think about was my own Grandpa dying, or worse yet, the day that must inevitably come when my father dies. Moments like that just make you want to cherish each and every moment you have with your loved ones even more. I have fabulous, amazing parents and for that I'm eternally grateful.

After the funeral, we drove forever and 7 years to this Veterans Cemetary. People, I have to say, it was THE ugliest cemetary I have ever come across. There was no grass to be seen anywhere, NONE, not a stitch, just rocks, cactus and dirt. I'm sorry, but if I were a veteran, meaning I've fought in some bloody war somewhere, I DESERVE grass, trees, flowers, greenery, NOT just piles of dirt. Needless to say, I was disturbed and firmly against this cemetary.

It was a LONG day, we left at 11:45 for the funeral, and didn't get home from the open house (after the funeral, and ugly cemetary) until 5:30. But, I felt good about going, I felt happy to be there for my friend, my teacher. I love her, and she needed that support today.

Upon arriving home, I was not feeling well at all. Word of warning to all, DO NOT eat Velveeta chees and rotell as a dip, it does not agree with ones stomach. So, we got home, I promptly ripped my clothes off, I was hot, and pouted to Jere about how my tummy hurt. He told me to come lay by him, and then rubbed my tummy, because "that always made his tummy feel better." It was so cute and sweet, and it DID make me feel better. He's a good man, he really is.

We went to our friends house to hang out tonight, order pizza, watch a movie. But, before we could do that, we had to go pick a movie out. Word to the wise, NEVER let Jere and I enter a video store, consensus is just NOT possible. It took us FOREVER to find a video and even then we ended up just settling on something, so we could get out of there. He picks stupid movies, what can I say. HAHA So, we got "Scooby Doo". I know, how dumb is that, and it was dumb, and yet somehow endearing. I didn't totally hate it, mostly because I love Mathew Lillard, he cracks me up. Anyway, our friends have 2 little girls, and they were watching 2 other kids, so it was a LONG night. However, they're the coolest couple ever, and we always have such a great time just hanging out and talking. I seriously aspire to be like my friend J, she just makes everyone feel comfortable and good. I on the other hand don't think I have that skill. Most people think I'm a snob, or ::gasp:: a bitch before they get to know me. See, I was born with one of those faces that doesn't have a built in smile, if I'm just sitting there, thinking or even staring into space, my mouth is downturned and I look mad or something. My greatest pet peeve my whole life was people telling me to smile, it can't be that bad. I could of been in the greatest mood, just thinking about my date the night before, and someone would say that to me, because my face doesn't smile without effort. OY!! It drives me nuts. But, I digress.

It's 1:15 a.m. and I have to be up in 6 1/2 hrs. to direct my show. I really should get to bed.

Nighty night.


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