November 13, 2002 | 12:28 p.m.
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So, an entire month has passed since my last entry. Quite frankly, that scares the crap out of me! I just really didn't realize that time could move sooooo quickly! And what have I accomplished in that time? I've co-directed and mounted an absolutely fabulous "Sound of Music" the reviews are raving, I couldn't ask for more. I've taught a lot of voice lessons, seen a bad review featuring several of my students, watched "Carousel" which I always hate, paid some bills, written some e-mails and gone out to eat more than I should. I have not accomplished, practicing the piano, losing weight, taking care of graduation, cleaning out the office, dusting, cleaning my bathroom. Can we say priority issues??? Well, only 3 more performances of my show, and I will be sooooo sad! I've really loved this directing experience, and our cast is sooo great, I truly believe I'll be a blubbering idiot at the closing show. Boo hoo to me.

Now, here's a pet peeve, when all my regular diaryland people that I LIKE to read EVERYDAY don't update their diaries. Seriously people, don't you realize, I don't know what else to do when I sit at the computer but check e-mail. I'm bored by the internet, so I read e-mail and then I READ your diaries. It's so disturbing to my day when a diary has not been updated. Work with me here would ya?

My husband has decided to begin his own diary (he doesn't know mine exists) and just true to his natural form, he's become obsessive about it. Whenever there is something new, he becomes completely entranced. Now, the minute he walks in the door, he goes to the computer to read diary's or make a new entry in his. I believe he made 3 entries yesterday alone. I think he's missing the point though. He's found all these clever and funny diarys (i.e. chubby chic) and now he thinks he MUST come up with clever entries. Ah, what a silly boy he is.

We nearly got into a fight last night because I didn't want to go to the movies. It was the FIRST night in I don't even KNOW how long that we were both just home, with nothing to do. To me this is a beautiful/sacred thing....just being home alone with the one you love, doing nothing but being together. To him, this is torture. He's seriously A-D-D I'm SURE of it. He needs constant entertainment at ALL times. He wants to go out, do stuff, movies, eat, friends house, anything but just sit quietly. I love this man, but good grief it can be soooo frustrating!!! So, I won out on not going to the movie, however, I had to comprimise. We had to rent a movie, and then he wanted to go to our friends house. We rented a movie, got some Chinese take out and went to our friends, only to never watch the movie. You just can't win. But, at least he was happy.

Ok, I have a confession, and it pains me to say it, but confess I must. I snore. I don't just snore, I SNORE!!!!! It's a hopeless, hideous and heinous snore that rocks the house, and makes my poor husbands life a living hell. He informed me last night that he deserved this movie, going out etc. because I just have NOT been very nice to him in bed lately. Evidently my snoring has been worse than usual, and I've been taking over the entire bed, and getting mad at him for being in my space. Poor guy, it's a wonder he ever gets any sleep. I do admit, I feel a touch guilty over this. However, what is a girl to do? Exactly, there is no easy answer to this. I s'pose I should go to some sleep center and have myself tested, though I knkow what is in my future. Sorry, but 30 is just too damn young to be sleeping with an oxygen tube up your nose or some anti-snore contraption wrapped around your head. OY!!! I HATE Snoring!

Ok, gotta go find some grub to feed the hungry hippo!

Ciao for now!


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