November 15, 2002 | 10:41 a.m.
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Another morning rushing past me and nothing yet accomplished. :sigh:

The husband got up at the ungodly hour of 6:00 to be at an orientation at 6:30. As he was leaving he said, "I don't feel very good, kind of throw upish", I assured him it was just because he was sooo tired (we went to bed at 2:00). So, at quarter to 9:00 I hear him rushing around and moaning, and this strikes me as odd only because he was s'posed to be at his geology lab at 9:00. I really know I must be a horrible person, because when I heard him, I got bugged. This will be the 2nd week straight that he hasn't gone to his geology lab. Yesterday he ddin't go to class because he didn't want to. He gave excuse after excuse and played these little games until finally it was too late. Anyway, so, I'm an evil, unloving whore because I'm bugged. I just got out of bed and moved to the couch, well, that was after he called in to work to tell them he wouldn't be in (8 hrs. from now). He barely gets any hours as it is, and if he doesn't maintain 20 hrs. a week, he loses our insurance. Well, this would be week 3 that he doesn't have 20 hours. Anyway, I guess he really is sick, throwing up and well, you know the other thing. I wish I could feel more compassion in the situation. However, two things come to mind: 1) I NEVER get sick like that, like once every 3 years or something, so I don't remember what it's like. 2) he is an UBER baby when he gets sick. What is it with men and getting sick? He whines and cries and acts like he's 4 all over again and I'm his mommy. It really, REALLY drives me crazy. I swear though, it has to be a man thing. They think we need to fawn all over them and make them soup, and rub their back, and cuddle them 'til they feel all better. I do not deal with that. Even when I do get sick like that, I just would prefer to be all by myself, not bother anyone and wait it all out. I don't need to drag anyone else down with me. Hell, I feel like utter crap everyday of my life. I have fibromyalgia, I have hypothyroid, I have major weight related pains, severe woman issues, shall I continue? Suffice it to say, I don't ever feel good, in fact I'm pretty sure I don't know what feeling good feels like. That's a sad statement on my life, but I say it to illustrate that one can function and not feel perfectly good. I believe that if you just keep going and don't give in to the pain then you're much better off. NO WHINY BABIES!!!!!! Ok, I'm going to stop there.

On another note, I talked to chubby chic yesterday, she seems very nice. I really like her breezy, fun writing style.

My show only has 3 more performances, boo hoo hoo. I love the show, the cast is sooooo great, and everything is going so well. I'm really gonna miss everyone and being part of that show. The thing that sucks is, for our last 3 performances, instead of getting to sit in the audience and enjoy everything, I have to sit in the booth and call the stupid show. For those that don't know, this takes all the joy out of watching a show. Mostly because you can't WATCH a show, you're too busy worrying about when the next light cue is and calling it. You have to listen to people having conversations on the headsets and everything becomes too technnical. POOP! That's what I say, Poop on everyone!!!

Well, it's nearly 11:00, my sis in laws family is flying in from Texas today, I should go help her clean the house, and then get on my way. I have deposits to make and things to do.



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