November 20, 2002 | 10:51 a.m.
<- Ok, so I have flaws ->

My laziness astounds even me at times. I mean honestly, how I got such a cush life with so much free time is beyond me. However, this whole going to bed at 2 a.m. and sleeping until 10 or 11 every day is just making me feel really bad about myself. I really need to fold a pile of laundry, but I put it off for days even though it would only take me 10 minutes to do. I need to make the bed in the guest bedroom, but heaven forbid, putting those sheets on requires oh so much effort. But, I shant sit here and just berate myself and expose all my faults endlessly, that'll be another day. For instance, maybe next time we'll discuss my heinous grammar and how it makes my English teacher mother cringe. : )

So, I have this new little voice student, he started last week. His name is Tyler (names have been changed for privacy purposes) and he's 10 yrs. old. I don't generally take students that young, but I figured, what the hell, why not. Well, his first week he comes, and he's so wierd, he won't talk to me, will hardly look at me and won't sing. His Mom was like, I have NO idea what is going on, I have NEVER in my life seen him like this. Normally he's so loud he could deafen you, blah, blah, blah. So, I just attributed it to, he was nervous, new teacher, new house, etc. So, he comes back yesterday, and it's just more of the same. He would NOT do the warm up exercises, he would NOT respond to me at all. His Mom once again is saying, "I have NO IDEA what this is." "This is SO wierd." Well, call me a super paranoid, but me thinks perhaps this child just doesn't like ME. Maybe I'm just to fat for him, maybe my house is too apricot (yeah that's right, the parentals decorated 15 yrs. ago with this apricottish color, the whole theme was a neo-southwestern, very hip for the time; needs to be gutted and start again type of thing), maybe my medusa hair was too much. I have no idea, but I now have a complex compliments of a 10 yr. old boy. I'm quite prepared for his Mom to bring him next week (simply because she paid for 3 lessons) and then to call and say it's not gonna work out. That's ok, I have plenty of other people waiting to take, but still, I feel a little freaked out by this.

In case I haven't clarified, I do live in my parents house with my husband, my parents are in a 3rd world country for 3 years (18 months to go) and we get to care for the house and live REALLY cheaply.

Oh, here's another moment from my day yesterday. I started a brand new student, she's 8 and she's gonna take piano from me, but I digress. Here's the point, she goes to the very same elementary school I went to, so I asked who her teacher is....it's the same lady who taught me in 2nd grade. When I told this girl that I had the same teacher, her face was priceless. You could see her little wheels spinning, thinking I was soooooooo old, how was this possible to have the same teacher. Yeah, that was 23 yrs. ago folks, and I had her teacher. In fact, the said teacher even sent me a wedding gift, that's how cool she is.

As for the rest of my week, cast party was on Monday, it was fun. The cast gave me a "bright copper kettle" with Sound of Music 2002 engraved on it. How cute and clever is that (think My FAvorite Things).

Jere has discovered that I have an online diary, due to my brothers BIG mouth. So, we had tension between us on Sunday, because I didn't feel like I HAD to tell him what my name was. He thought that was lame of me, and secretive. See, while he's a great guy, his maturity level lacks at times. He's the type that if I get something, then he has to get something. He can't ever just let something be. If I get a new shirt, then HE should get a new shirt. If I want to go out with girlfriends for lunch, then HE should get to buy something, or come with us. I HATE the mentality. How do I deal with it? What do I do? Anyway, I ended up reading him all my entries just to assure him there was nothing secretive or all that mean about him. Well, this meant that he HAD to get a new diary name, and I was NOT allowed to know it. Do you see the maturity lack here? Whatever, if it makes him happy then I'll just let it be. We've watched two movies in the last 4 days, neither of which I would highly recommend to anyone. The first was "Sweet November", which was viewed during the aforementioned tension between Jer and I and this movie was neither Sweet nor November, discuss amongst yourselves. Seriously, what a totally lame movie, enough said. The second was "The Rookie" which we watched last night from 11:30 to 2 a.m. While it's a wholesome and sweet enough premise, I felt like it was a poorly made movie. The soundtrack SUCKED and there was just a lot of dumb stuff. However, I did cry a river when Dennis Quaid called his wife to tell her he made it to the Majors and then he got to tell his son, that was sweet. But, other than that, I'm in the market for a really GOOD movie, it's been awhile.

I still don't know how to attach a guest book to this thing, though I tried once, it was an unsuccessful attempt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, I have an hr. 1/2 before I MUST shower and be ready for my shload of students. So, I'm off to fold some laundry and make a bed.

Ta ta for now.


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