November 22, 2002 | 12:24 p.m.
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Is anyone else in the world just waiting for the other Will & Grace shoe to drop like I am? I just finished watching the show (taped it last night) and well, I'm left unsettled. I must be honest, I never really believed she was REALLY gonna get married. It was gonna be a dream, or she would run away at the alter, or SOMETHING. But, for all intents and purposes, they're really married. Why is this disturbing? Well, it's the Will & Grace show, not the Will, Grace & Leo show. What are they gonna do with him? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Harry Connick, he's a damn saxy man, and I enjoy his character, but quite frankly, I'm concerned. Ok, not so concerned that it must govern my life, but concerned none the less. Speaking of "compelling" television of the Thursday night variety...I watched Friends as well. I thought Christina Applegate was quite comical as Rachels sister, and that she copied Jennifer Anniston to a tee. And my final TV note of of the day...drum roll please....THE AMAZING RACE! How MUCH do I LOVE that show? Jer and I have a weekly ritual, we tape the show every Wednesday and then sometime around 11:00 Wed. night, we watch it, in the basement. I just can't get enough. Seriously, how fun is it to watch people run around the world like chickens with their heads cut off, stinky, tired, worn out and having the time of their lives? So enjoyable, that's what it is. I fully love Ken & Gerard, the brothers that are hysterical. This week, their last stop was in Austria, and when they got to the pitstop, they were the last team to arrive and NOT get eliminated. Ken (the gay one) started spinning around and singing the hills ARE alive with the sound of music. I was amused!

Last night I went to the, and I use this term lightly, "dress rehearsal" of this show that my brothers friend composed, wrote, etc. It's this whole thing on World War II. They did 1000's of hrs. of research and created vingettes and songs around real letters written by soldiers, their families, etc. While there are some very moving parts, and some excellent singing, the lighting, sound, "direction" and everything else was so bad, I was just scared for them. This is what happens when people who have NO idea what they're doing try to think they can put on a show without any help from people with a clue. It was painful to watch, and I just pray for one of the mighty theater miracles to occur and it will all come together tonight.

Had to spend $90.00 on clothes for Jer yesterday, just so he could have 2 pair black pants and 2 black shirts to wear to his new, COMPLETELY part time, paying him NOTHING for the Christmas Holidays job. I was a skoesh bitter about the purchases, especially because I'm not gonna see any of that money. He gets to keep that jobs money as his play money. Being fat sucks, 'cause you can never find really good bargains on clothes. I mean, hell, a bra for me is always around $30.00, that's just normal to me. Hiss to the skinny girl that can just run to her local Wal-mart and pick up ye itty bitty bra for like 2 bucks and it completely works for them. I was shopping with my sis. in law one time and Target, she scoffed at the 10.00 price for a bra. I in turn secretly spit in her face. Or my wee sister, who is seriously the size of a toothpick (we're never sure where SHE came from) who can shop at GAP kids and find shirts for like 2 dollars. I consider it a most amazing deal if I can find a shirt for $12.00. It happened once I'm pretty sure of it, I found a shirt for like $10.00. Then, I made sure to broadcast to the world that I, my chubby self found a shirt for less than $30.00. As for the bra, that's never happened and I don't forsee it in the imediate future either.

I'm getting my hair colored and cut today, scooby doo for me!!!! My regrowth is out of control, I just always wait so long. However, in the fun for me file, yesterday whilst shopping for the blasted black clothes for Jer, some random lady just stopped me and gushed about how cute my hair was and how she wanted her hair to look like mine. It was a finer moment in my day. ::thinks to herself:: good thing I actually did my hair today.

Well, the time has come for me to get my lazy arse into the shower and prep for the big hair appointment.

Ta ta for now -


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