December 16, 2002 | 11:29 p.m.
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My resume of shows and roles and those I still dream of doing!

DREAM ROLES: (not in any particular order)

Miss Hannigan in Annie

Martha in The Secret Garden

Queen Agravane in Once Upon a Mattress

Madam Thenardie in Les Mis

My Own Cabaret Act (I just need a good topic or subject matter, I've got GREAT songs)

WHAT, I'm FAT, I'm a character actress!

ROLES I'VE PLAYED: (not in any particular order, except maybe my favorites first)

Narrator in Joseph...

Buttercup in HMS Pinnafore (my FUNNEST show experience EVER)

Bloody Mary in South Pacific (another DARN fun experience, AND where I met my beloved husband)

Yente in Fiddler on the Roof

Ernestina in Hello Dolly

The Housewife in Working

The Sorceress in Dido & Aneas (I looked truly scary)

Vi Moore (the mom, opposite my husband) in Footloose

Arminy in Carousel (quite possibly my LEAST favorite show and experience of ALL times)

Ensemble in The Mystery of Edwin Drood

A Million Cabarets, reviews, etc.

I feel like I'm forgetting some, or missing some.


Directed The Sound of Music

Directed Encore! A Broadway Review

Cast recording of a religous Cantata

Co-director/teacher of a childrens music theater workshop


Songs for a New World in the Spring (I OWN Stars & the Moon)

Making a CD of showtunes and one religious

A completely straight play, just for the experience of not having to sing or dance.

Directing more shows

This entry was not for any other reason than to remind myself that I have actually accomplished something in life or theater, and that I really need to get myself active in that again. I realize that there is soo much that I haven't done, and mostly because I haven't siezed opportunities when they were in front of me. I've become lazy, and allowed certain insecurities and laziness to rule me. I was given a gift and talent for a reason, and I'm not using it. So, I s'pose it's time to dust off the monologues, pull out the cuttings and organize my life so I can audition for shows that may come up with the right type of part for me. I think I actually miss being in a show. ::gasp::

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