December 16, 2002 | 11:00 p.m.
<- It's called diarhea of the mouth, or fingers whichever it may be. ->

Well, since I've successfully waited nearly another month before entering here, I must now forge ahead.

I was just reading through some new diaries I happened across and I felt inspired to add to my own. I'm quite fond of Dot "The Show Must Go On." I'm not clever enough to know how to put links and stuff in here, hell I'm not even clever enough to know how to get a freakin guestbook. I'm doing good to type words to the screen. How does everyone else on this site be so computer savvy? Oy!

Anyway, so much time has past, and so much has happened, and NOT happened, if ya know what I mean. Christmas is nigh upon us, and I feel for the most part ready. I got Jere a fab present, can't wait for him to open it Christmas morning. I've got everyone else taken care of, excpet my bro. and sis in law. But, all they want is a giant picture frame, so I'm sure I can help them out.

I'm being distracted by Elijah Wood on Jay Leno, my brain can't do two things at once.

ANYWAY........in the last month, I've taught many voice lessons, I've hung out with friends, I've cried over being fat, I've fought with my husband, I've LOVED my husband, I've sung at a benefit concert, I've sung in church, I've taught 4 yr. olds in Sunday School, I've shopped for Christmas presents, I've spent too much money, I've practically lived at Sonic for the strawberry limeade slush, I've decorated the house for Christmas, I've pondered my future education and ignored it, I've consoled my husband, I've made a poster for his final project, I've met new people.

Ok, now Katherine Zeta-Jones is on, and all that makes me think is......Renee Zellwigger? WHY? what CRACK were they smoking when they cast that no talent HO in a MUSICAL? Other than that, I look quite forward to Chicago the musical coming out.

In case anyone other than Eden is reading this diary, you shall soon know, I am a VERY opinionated person, and sometimes that gets me in trouble. But, I just CAN NOT help myself sometimes. If I feel a certain way, it is seriously nearly physcially impossible for me to just stuff my feelings. By the way, do you think I could of put one more "ly" word in a row? HELLO!!!

Oh, one of my friends from highschool was on the price is right last month, she won 3 cars. Oh yeah, you read right, THREE cars. It was quite fun, she decided to sell them all, as they just weren't in the market for 3 cars. And in another note of random people from the past....this is sad. This lady that I used to work with, was shot and killed last night while sitting at a stoplight in her car. How utterly horrible and awful could it possibly get? She had just left her grandkids not 2 minutes before, and then it's over, she's gone. I do NOT understand the senselessness of these things. Tonight, they had her daughter and son-in-law on the news (I was friends with the son in law) and I just wept for this family. Why do some people have to suffer so much, and at this time of year especially. Today sucked for that reason, and because my poor sister, her dog, that she loved soooo much, died this morning. He got sick yesterday and was gone today, and she just sobbed all day. Then, she didn't get the part in the play that she wanted to, so it added insult to injury.

I needed to create a new paragraph and move away from stories of doom and gloom. On the upside, Jere got the part he wanted, in fact, the lead in "Lucky Stiff", he's quite excited. He's also doing Weight Watchers and I'm sooo proud of him. He's doing it on his own, and he's really doing well. I REALLY need to be doing it with him, but I just haven't got there yet. When you've been on as many diets as I have, and lost as much weight as I have, it just takes a very special and particular moment in time to knock you into the right "diet mode". I fear I'm gonna need a freakin mack truck to knock me into the mode, but I'm still waiting.

Can we discuss that I'm turning 30. I'm planning a HUGE, smashing good time party to celebrate this moment in time. My guest list is already at 28, and I really need to keep it at that. I'd prefer smaller, but there are just too many people I want to see and play with.

Ok, this is the problem with not writing daily, you just run at the fingers, and then it's WAY too much information.

I want to write a list of all the shows I've done, and do one of those 100 things, or whatever. I WANT creativity on this stupid site. I just want to have a CLUE!!!

Ok, I'm signing off now!!

Peace in the ghetto!!!


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