January 11, 2003 | 1:38 a.m.
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I failed to mention that on my second karaoke attempt, I sucked it up. I was back to my good ol' form. It was the song L-O-V-E, you know the one, L is for the way you looked at me, etc. When she asked if I could do it, I thought, ok, I've heard a MILLION kids audition with that song, I'm sure I could probably do it. No, NO nonononononononononoNO! The music begins, I open my mouth and immediately, I don't know what I'm doing and I sound stupid. So, I made Jules sing the whole song, I just held the mike for her. That's what a kind person I am, I'll hold the mike for you, never you fear.

Tomorrow I have to help my bro. laminate glass, how utterly poopy. I don't wanna do it, but I shall, because as already mentioned, I'm a nice gal! (and a poet evidently, hahahahahaha, oh stop, i slay myself.)

Random memory from childhood: When I was 4 years old and we went to Sea World, I was wearing red checked shorts, a white t-shirt, yellow coat and a fishermans type hat, braids in my hair tied with red ribbons. Anyway, my butt itched that entire day, and I'm sure I spent it all scratching. We have a pic to document the situation. Why would I remember that as a 4 year old, yet I can't remember conversations I had last week, or anything about being six.

Favorite memory from childhood: Laying on my parents bed, all 7 of us kids and asking our dad to tell us a story. We would listen with rapt attention, or laugh hysterically as he told us stories of his childhood. Also, Saturday mornings on that same bed when we'd play the get away from dad game, where he'd try to grab us as we squirmed to get away and he'd tickle us. I have awesome parents.

Embarassing memory from childhood: (can't say MOST because there are just too many to choose from) there are two here; 1)walking to school in first or 2nd grade, walkin along minding my business when suddenly a pebble jumps in front of me and I go hurtling earthward ON MY FACE. I had a charming scab across my lip and nose and forehead as a trophy; and I had to go to school that way until it went away.(also documented by the ever present tony cam). Secondly, this is only embarassing to me now as I view the pic, BUT, what was my Mom thinking when she allowed me to make my entrance on the first day of fifth grade wearing SKING TIGHT, up my butt, cutting off the circulation to my thighs yellow shorts? I will never understand this, yet I remember clearly thinking I looked good in this outfit and obviously loved it enough to choose it for first day impressions. There I am with my hair in french braids, hideously tight yellow shorts, with t-shirt TUCKED in, brown backpack (oddly shaped like a square) and tennies. I view that picture with abject horror, because folks, I was not a petite child. In 5th grade I was 5'3" and weighed 113 lbs. OOoh, ooh, this really brings back the embarassing moment. How many remember the dreaded weigh in in the nurses office? You know, happened once or twice a year, the ENTIRE class would gather in the nurses office, and you'd stand in a line. One after another you'd step on her scale and she'd yell out your weight for all to hear. Well kids, when you're my size as a 5th grader (which would be normal in jr. high, but all my classmates were like 4' something and weighed 80 - 90 lbs.) you come across as large. Shoot, I was this much bigger than all the kids and I was a year ahead in school. Can you even imagine if I had been with kids my own age? So, that hideous day arrived and the nurse oh so unkindly yells out 113 lbs. Well, let's just say after the snickering subsided I got a nickname from one of the class meanies, and he called me it for the rest of the year. To him, I was the 113lb. elephant. Oh yes, it's true, I endured this. Can we say emotional scarring? Don't worry, I got over it........ eventually. He and I are friends now, just ran into him the other day, and I'm sure he doesn't even remember his meanness lo those many years ago.

Hmmm, that was fun, random memories. I'm gonna do that more often. Until next time, ta ta!

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