January 13, 2003 | 11:23 a.m.
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Soooo tired, can't...stay...awake! Must concentrate! UGH! Yesterday I got the DREADED call from my sister informing me that her babysitter was violently ill and she was desperate for a babysitter for her two hellion children. See, my sis. is a school teacher and her husband is a student and has a job. So, what was I s'posed to do, say no? I'm not THAT cold hearted. But, MUCH to my chagrine, I agreed to babysit, at 7 freakin 45 in the morning. Now people, you MUST understand that I don't EVER see that time of day. EVER!!!! I'm doin REAL good to see an 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. So, with this impending early arisal, you'd of thought I'd go to bed nice and early. Well, think again, 'cause it didn't happen. Well, I would have, except, I got caught up reading this totally retarded diary, and then I HAD to wait for Jer to call and give me an update on his day and say I love you, and goodnight. Well, that call didn't happen until 11:15, and then we hung up for a minute so he could get in the house and situated for bed. By the time he finally called back it was nearly midnight and then we talked until 1:15 a.m. Needless to say, 7:30 came way freakin to early. I can't say that I've been the best or most effective babysitter here. I mostly crashed on the couch, completely incapable of moving. Look, I was conserving energy, 'cause I got a LONG day ahead of me in teaching. Thankfully, the boys have not been destructive today, and now they're out in the backyard playing.

Ok, they're truly two of the cutest boys you've ever seen, but they're also two of the most destructive, bratty, unlistening, annoying children when they want to be (which is MOST of the time). I do wonder at times if I will be ready for kids. The sad thing is, when I was about 9 - 16 I was THE babysitter of my area. I was babysitting practially every night. I LOVED kids more than anything. You could never see me in church wihtout a baby on my hip. But, the older I got, and the more set in my ways and used to not being around babies all the time, the more selfish I feel. It sort of scares me actually. I mean, I know I WANT kids of my own, but crap, I don't know how much patience I'm gonna have. Plus, I need to get on this baby thing FAST, since I AM turning 30 in a few weeks. OY! The pressure!

Jer went into Chicago yesterday with his redneck brother and they took in a show..."I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!" I will say, that is one of THE funniest shows I have EVER seen! He says that this production was ok, but not as good as the one we saw here. His brother liked it ok, but heck, it's not often he gets out of his itty bitty town and experiences culture. I often wonder how Jer and Jeff are even related, because they are NOTHING alike in ANY way. I think Jer is something of a freakshow in his family. They're all fascinated by him because he's so theatrical, musical, outgoing, outspoken, etc. Oh, and he's not stuck in small town mentality. He's not like anyone in his entire family.

Yesterday I went and spent some quality time with the mother in law. We had dinner and then just chatted and then Jules and I took down Pegs Christmas tree for her. This woman does NOT mess around when it comes to her tree or Christmas decore in general! She puts like over 1000 lights on her tree and decorations going clear into the center of the tree. It takes her two days to put it all up. Thankfully we got it down in fairly good time. All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon spent at Pegs.

Ok, the boys are watching some obnoxious video at hideously high levels, my head, my head!!! However, this morning when they were watching Dora the Explorer that was cute. They were totally talking back to the TV and answering Dora like she could hear them. I was amused.

Well, that's all folks, hopefully my bro. in law will be home soonn, 'cause I gotta get home, get showered and be ready for a new student, and then 6 hrs. of lessons.



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