January 15, 2003 | 12:16 p.m.
<- A lover returns ->

As I sat here reading my favorite diaries and eating the left over Chicken and Biscuits from Cheesecake Factory, I realized that I needed to update, for my lover is home!!!

Yesterday I went all to town, I shaved, I masked, I plucked, I tweezed, I did the full make-up regalia, body lotioned, etc. All in preperation for my sweet loves returne from his long trip to Chicago. I even had my sis in law do my hair. See, I can do my hair fine, but SHE can do my hair and make it look oh so sassy. It requires the use of a flat iron, and well, that frightens me. I'm not mature enough to handle such apparatus. Anyway, I was lookin and feeling sassy. I only had to teach a few lessons, I cancelled some and then I was on my way to the airoport. His flight was to come in around 7:30, I got there early, so the wait seemed forever. I had a little rose for him, to welcome him back. After MUCH standing there and waiting, and a few false alarms, he finally came walking down the long hallway. My heart did a pitter pat, I was so excited to see him. He got the cutest and biggest smile on his face, 'cause I don't think he was expecting me inside. Anyway, I gave him a nice big kiss and a hug right there, and then when we got his luggage out to the car, I made him kiss me "properly" if ya know what I mean, bye bye lipstick. ::smiles:: So, we decided to go to dinner, and he chose the Cheesecake Factory. For those of you who know, that place is orgasmicly good, though pricey. I just smiled and said, ok honey, whatever you want. I'm generally way to uptight about money. So, we went, our waiters name was Aka, it's true, AKA, with the a like ah. I'm sure he gets this all the time, "hi my name is aka, I'll be your server." And some smartass goes "Aka, also known as...." like their so clever. Ok, maybe I'm the only total reject that thought that. But seriously, I'd never heard that before. Anyway, I got this super the yummiest chicken salad sandwhich in buttered brioche bread......WOW! Jer got the chicken and biscuits, YUM! I'm proud to say we got out of there with tip included for $40.00. That's pretty good for that place, that's all I'm sayin. So, we got home, Jer checked his mail, I worked on some stuff, and then we got down to the business at hand. I missed him, and it was sooooooooooooo nice to just lay in bed and hold eachother, and kiss and stuff. He's amazing, and really so good to me!

This morning I was forced to make another uncharacteristically early rise from bed. My bro. and sis. and I had to go to our rental house and take some measurements and then go to Home Depot to price stuff. Ok, the last renters were the losers of the universe. They were dirty, foul, lying people. Let's just say, they owe us $2500.00 in back rent and late fees. Don't worry, we'll never see it. Anyway, they left the house pretty trashy, like literal feces in the toilet. ICK!! So, we called the parentals and they gave us permission to overhaul. New carpet, tile, paint inside and out, blinds, etc. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? We all watch Trading Spaces way to much, so we got lots of stuff on our minds. Lana and I spent 2 hours at Home Depot and all we got out of it were a couple of tile samples, how much wood floor would cost and some carpet prices, oh and a new toilet. It's gonna be beautiful, we're gonna do this nice sort of taupe/sand fleck color carpet that's a nice loose plush, either pergo floor in kitchen or a linoleum that looks like wood planks, a beige/tan/white linoleum in the bathrooms, and some neutral colors in paint. We're gonna revamp the cupboards (original to the house, 1970 thank you very much), get a new fridge, possibly oven, chrome paint the oven hood and light fixture. We're getting the outside of the house repainted, a sprinkler system put in (HUGE backyard, HUGE) and faux wood blinds throughout. It's gonna be quite cute. We'll all want to move into it after all this work. Actually, Jer already does, but I have to say no, 'cause we're helping the parentals out by living here, and they're helping us by charging almost nothing. We could be saving so much money, ok, we're working on the saving thing. Anyway, this trip to Home Depot was informative and tiring, and we still have SOOOOOOOOo much more to choose and buy and do. Not to mention painting the whole place and getting stuff installed. OY VAY! Think this could be ready for a February rental?

I'm bored with myself and this entry. I must be on my way. Time to wake Jer, yeah, he's still sleeping!!

Thanks to those who have sent me notes, it brings simple joy to my heart.


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