January 16, 2003 | 11:40 a.m.
<- Call me white trash ->

It's official, I'm white trash. This morning I had to take Jer to the school for a vocal coaching on his new part. Then, I had to meet the painter guy for a quote on repainting the outside of the whole house. Due to my extreme laziness and desire to snuggle in the covers a bit longer, I went on these errands in full morning regalia. I was wearing my pj's, no makeup and only slightly unruffled hair (due to the finger pull through). But, this tale gets better. After picking Jere up, we ran home to get my veil out for my friends brothers fiance (she wanted to borrow it, 'cause hey, it's pretty!) As a side thought, it makes me VERY happy that other people can get use from my veil. My friend wore it at her wedding, and now her sis. in law to be is wearing. I only wish people could get use out of my beautiful wedding dress. I mean really, you pay so much money for these things. Anyway, back to the morning. Gave her the veil and then took Jer to see the house, then get gas, and then lunch. Here I am, STILL looking like death, and he insists that I go into the Subway with him. Yeah, I'm in Subway, NO makeup, morning hair, breath, pj's and all. I'm so trashy, and he still loves me.

Currently, we're watching "Spiderman" since we never saw it in the theater. Peter just got bit by a spider, ewwwww!

Let's talke Bachelorette for a moment.....can we say HOT guys! And then lets talk about Bob, the only mildly chubby guy that's hysterically funny! My joy would be complete if she actually chose him, because hey, that gives hope to all the "real size" people in the world. But, of course she won't pick him, she'll pick some chizzled piece of ass, to go along with her finely shaped booty. However, what a guilty pleasure this show is. Why is it that we're all such voyeurs, we dig watching and listening to people as they try to find love, have realtionships, etc.

Ok, I gotta watch this movie more thoroughly. Peter just climbed up a building, after thoroughly trashing Flash in the cafeteria.



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