January 22, 2003 | 11:33 a.m.
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I'm so disappointed in myself, I mean really...I was doing so well, and suddenly I let a week go by. Well, I HAVE had things on my mind, but I shall try not to let them distract me.

School started, Jer is back in the swing of things, though this semester should prove to be a bit more difficult and time consuming. He's taking more hours 16 I think, he's the lead in the show, so rehearsal time, AND he's working more hrs. at the store AND at school. I hope he survives this, he doesn't like to EVER be deprived of sleep of lazy time. Come to think of it, I hope I survive this. haha I won't be getting to see much of him, that's for sure. But, I'm proud of him for working so hard, and going to school. Now, if he could only decide what he wanted to be when he grows up. It was education, then marketing, then music business, and then he drops the bombshell yesterday that it might be back to education. What the? I'll support whatever, just make a choice my friend, make a choice.

As for me, my 30th b-day is fast approaching. EEEEEK! My beloved Eden did call the other day and leave a message that made me feel much better. She says that we shant acknowledge this 30th, but merely call it the first anniversary of my 29th. I DO love that idea. So, actually, we're fast approaching my first anniversary of 29. Happy anniversary to me. Oh, and Eden, sorry for not calling back, I suck at that. I'll make it my goal to do so today. Here's a tidbit for any and all who may care. I was born exactly 30 yrs. to the day from my Dad. I was the GREATEST birthday present ever. Yep, we share the same birthday, and I've always loved that. However, this year, it seems wierd to say that he'll be 60 yrs. old. Anywho, happy birthday to my daddy.

So, I went and made the big purchase this weekend...I got a printer, scanner, copier. Color me happy, there's a sofa here for two. Oh, sorry, random movie quote! Anyway, it's been fun, especially since I can make copies of my students music right here, without having to let them take my books. I love technology, it's amazing and joyful!!

Let's see, what else went on this weekend. Oh, my crazy friend T called and asked me to go to some Big Band/Swing Dance concert at the Dodge Theatre. Normally I'm an automatic no person, but strangely, I said yes. So, off we went to partake of some culture, broaden our horizons if you will. Actually, she's a swing dancer extraordinaire, but that's beside the point. We were a skoesh late, so we sat in the back and watched. I, being the swing dance dunce thought that they were pretty good, SHE being knowedgable thought they were really boring and sucked. The whole thing did leave a bit to be desired, from the tooo long piano solos to the completely unprofessional reading of the script from the piano. But, secretly, I was pleased that I was out enjoying something downtown, rather than sitting on my duff at home. When we left there we went to Fridays and had our favorite waiter Davey. I LOVE this guy, he's nothing like you'd think a waiter should be. He has a shaved head, tattoos everywhere, piercings galore and THE COOLEST Brooklyn accent. He cracks me up, so I ask for him every time. He's an object lesson to me, one of those, you simply CAN NOT judge someone merely by how they look. 'Cause I'll be honest, if I was just walking down the street and saw him, I'd probably be a little scared and think he was a "bad" guy. But, knowing him, he's a total teddy bear, THE NICEST guy!! People are so fascinating, aren't they? Anywho, T and I then went back to my house, where Jer was waiting. We watched "Barbershop" which just was not all that funny. But, I sort of got a crush on Ice Cube. I don't know what's up with that.

Sunday was the Golden Globes, and they happen to be my FAVORITE awards show of the season. I adore that Movie and TV are together, and that it's so laid back. I mean really, where else do you get to see people accept awards drunk, or running onstage from the bathroom, or whatever. I was quite pleased that Chicago won, it deserved it. Ticked that Richard Gere won, 'cause I thought there were better actors out there. AND, HELLO, his acceptance speech just irritated the snot out of me!!!!! I think he's a dork in real life. Then again, so is Renee Zelwigger, I'm convinced, she's a total nerd. But, she was good in the movie, and I'm ok with her winning. Now, please allow me to go further on a tangent. Let's discuss the "supporting actor in a television, comedy/drama or miniseries" category. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? It makes no freaking sense at all. How can you compare someone doing comedy to someone doing a serious pc. of work, or someone doing a freaking mini series to a tv show? How in the heck is my Sean Hayes ever gonna win his DESERVED Golden Globe if they don't fix this freaking category!!! Someone PLEASE!! Ok, I'm over it, until next year that is.

Alright, American Idol began last night, that is a good freaking time to be had by all. Especially in a room full of voice teachers. I'm telling you, we have fun. Not that I think I could ever be on that show, 'cause I couldn't. A pop singer, I AM NOT!!!! I gots too much vibrato for things like that, oh, and as mentioned before, regarding the karaoke disaster that is me, I have no "soul". Oh well, it's all fun for me to watch. That Kristin Holt girl was a friend of my sis. in laws in highschool, and the guy wearing the wizard suit was also a friend of hers from choir. I'm telling you, Plano Sr. High in Texas just cranks out the people. She has a friend on Days, people that are on Broadway, etc. It's crazy. It makes me wonder, what's wrong with MY highschool. Noone famous has ever come from there, I swear. Ok, well, one of my friends has been in Phantom and Les Mis and she's now being seen by Hal Prince, but she's like the ONLY one. And there were A LOT of talented people at my school. I don't know, but I'm becoming convinced that to make it, you need to be from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Florida, New York or California.

Ok, Hello, I'm on one today. So, with that in mind, I must go.

Happy days to all.


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