January 26, 2003 | 3:08 p.m.
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Happy Sabbath my friends. I have NOTHING to say, but I was just reading journal entries and decided to write a hello.

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon, I taught 2 lessons at church today, and now we're home enjoying quite time. I'm on the computer, Jer is sitting in the chair reading some "gay" book that he's required to read for his humanities class, bro. and sis. in law are contemplating what to eat. I'm a bad person.....I have tons of stuff i could make, and I just can't get myself into the kitchen to cook something. Poor Jer, I'm a loser wife when it comes to cooking. I'd like to mention and state for the record that Lana (sis. in law) is wearing today a jumper that is her pre-pregnancy jumper, she wore it all the time, and she's now NINE months pregnant. She's too freaking adorable for her own good. If only all people could have pregnancies as easy and skinny as hers. Heaven only knows how out of control I'll have it. Seriously, I dont' even want to get pregnant 'cause these giant boobs of mine don't need to even think of getting bigger. Not to mention the hips, oh don't even get me started. My only hope is to be one of those freak of nature ladies who actually lose weight and get smaller boobs from pregnancy. I do have friends that this has happened to...I hold the good thought for that.

Crazy T is on her way to cook us dinner. No, I'm really not kidding, I speak truth to you all. Jer called her and told her he wanted her to come over and make us dinner (she did mention last night that she wanted to make dinner for us). Good ol' T, she's becoming my Saturday night date on a regular basis. I called her yesterday and told her I needed a partner in crime. I had a certificate to a restaraunt and wnated to try it out. We tried the place out, it was ok, though their salad and cheese sticks left a little to be desired. After our meal, we stopped by Jers store to surprise him...he was duly surprised. It was so fun to show up in his line and see the look of surprise and giddy smile on his face. We just stayed long enough to say hello. Then she dropped me off at home, I sat and read a magazine, then prepared my lessons for church. When Jer got off work at 10:00 I had him pick me up and we headed to the Super Wal-Mart. Have I mentioned what an EVIL vortex that place is? No really, do you ALL understand it's wickedness? I simply needed some blocks and some posterboard, THAT IS ALL! Instead $90.00 later I had a bunch of junkfood and weightwatchers dinners. My life is such a never ending parade of food hypocrisy. OY!

So, my parentals called from Honduras the other night and talked to us for 2 hours, that phone bill is gonna smart. OUCH! We had a fabulous talk, though I was a tad disappointed when they had to pull out the, are you all sharing the housecleaning duties equally speech?! I felt like I was 10 yrs. old again and they were assigning chores. To say it bugged me would be an understatement. I was like, you are freaking THOUSANDS of miles away, we're grown ups, can we please just deal with this ourselves. My Mom is terrified I'm sure that her house won't be in pristine condition upon her arrival. She shouldn't worry, all will be well in Zion.

Jer is yelling at me 'cause I just got mad at him for being in my way. Sometimes we're so retarded, good thing we love eachother and get over it really quickly.

T is here, let the cooking begin.

Later -


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