January 29, 2003 | 1:28 p.m.
<- Things that make me MAD. ->

Things that make me mad! 1. Having to invite someone to my party that I don't want to. Simply because she lives near my friends house where I'm having the party. It's all in the name of not hurting her feelings. WHY is this my problem? Isn't it my birthday dammit? 2. Inviting someone I specifically want, telling her that it's only HER I'm inviting because there are specific numbers needed for this game (it's not a come and go type of party) and then she just up and invites her friend to come too. I'm not EVEN friends with this other woman, I barely know her. So, I had to tell my friend that she had to not invite this other chick, due to the specifics of the game, AND it's my FREAKING birthday! She won't do it, so she got her other friend to take this one out so she would have something to do. 3. Stupid people who just don't "get it." 4. ANY type of fat free salad dressing (except Italian).

Ok, I feel better. : )

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