January 29, 2003 | 1:01 p.m.
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I spend too much time reading entries and never making my own. Honestly people, how do you keep up? I get so engrossed, and that's just with my favorites, not to mention when I go off on tangents and read new ones that I find from guestbook entries, etc. OY! Now that was a runon for the books. My English teaching mother would be crying a river right about now. So sorry mamasita!

I spent the morning looking at carpet, paint samples, cabinets, etc. Can I just say, this is tiring and stressful work, yet fun. I can't make a freakin decision to save my life. I don't know if I could ever handle buying a brand new house where I had to choose every single thing. I have decision making issues....I can't deal! Therapy...look into it. However, I'm happy to report that I think I'm zeroing in on some final choices.

Life around here continues to be the same. Last night we went to Buttons and Bambis house for a FABULOUS dinner and American Idol party. Oh how I DO love that show. I would judge like Simon does, and that's just the sad truth. I have no patience for really sucky people who think they're good. I especially liked that guy who sang "Like A Virgin" that was a beautifully classic moment in TV land. He THOUGHT he was good, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? Oh, and on other reality TV new...how bout that Joe Millionaire? I was soooooooo happy MoJo got the boot, 'cause ICK! But, that show is so ultra trashy, I love it!!! To see the cattiness of those girls, it's amazing. That's why I love Zora, and you KNOW he ends up with her, she's the only REAL person on there. This does make me sad though, because she is real and genunine, why should she have to get kicked in the face with the news that he's a big fat liar and makes no money really. Ah well, all in the name of ratings.

2 days until my big 30th birthday bash....it should be good times had by all. I do need to go and get all the prizes and get everything organized. I should probably have done that earlier in the week, or last week, or I don't know, a MONTH ago. I have such visions of grandeur, and yet I never get anything accomplished until the night before. School was the ultimate stress fest for me because I literally put off EVERY project, paper, report, etc. until midnight the night before. Why do I do that to myself?

Well, gotta run have lunch before the students start arriving. I HATE Wednesdays, I don't know why, but I just do. They seem never ending to me, and I don't enjoy all my students on this day. And now I've made my Thursday a longer teaching day, I think I'll whine about it. haha

Random Memory: My 8th birthday party....it had a detective theme. My mom had question marks of a million varying sizes and colors hanging all over the house, there were feet print going up and down the walls, all the guests got big sunglasses with fedoras and noses made of paper attached and my cake was a big magnifying glass. We had pizza, played "mystery" games and went on a scavenger hunt to find the missing treasure. Most peculiar about this is...I was wearing a dress. Why was I wearing a dress to my birthday party? I'm a casual sort of gal, always have been. Anywho my Mom was a brilliant party thrower. We only got parties every 4 years because when we got them, they were HUGE and themed. My 12th (all the girls 12th) was a Hollywood Stars party, all the guests had to come dressed like their favorite Hollywood star. I did Phyllis diller, as IF she were my favorite star. What was I thinking? This will date me, I had a friend come like Punky Brewster, hee hee. I'm gonna have fat parties like that for my kids too.

HEY, I got a scanner, can I put pictures in here? Do I have to have a gold membership to do that? I'm gonna show the picture of my hideous yellow shorts first day of school, and of this birthday party, and if you're really lucky, of my fluffy self these days. hehehe Let me know what I gots to do.

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