February 05, 2003 | 10:22 a.m.
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It's Wed. morning and here I sit, not accomplishing anything but a viewing of Regis and Kelly. Again, I ask you, how could anyone not LOVE this show? Kelly is a crackup! They're doing ambush makeovers, where this man just shows up at peoples houses at some ungodly early hour. So, he's knocking on the door saying please open the door, please open the door, this is live with Regis and Kelly. This lady barely cracks the door and then proceeds to start screaming, "oh my gosh, I have no clothes on, I have no clothes on." This guy oh so brilliantly pushes the door open and she literally has no clothes on, just holding a long t-shirt up in front of her bra and pantied self. She backed up faster than you could say Regis, yelling all the while, Oh my G*# I have NO clothes on. Now, I have to admit, THAT is quality television. Made me laugh out loud.

Back in the day, when I was a missionary in Indiana, I was often amused AND bewildered by those folks who would answer their door completely dripping from the shower, some had bathrobes on, some had just a towell wrapped around them, or held up in front of them, some had just underwear on(men in boxers). The thought in my mind would be..."What the ???" "Why do you even bother answering the door?" Honestly, I don't ever answer the door even fully dressed, but seriously, if I were in the shower, or fresh from it, WHY would I bother answering the door. That is a tragedy waiting to happen. One time this girl, probably about 15 answered the door in nothing more than I SWEAR a hand towell. No really, it was wrapped around her, but BARELY, and there was a mirror in the entry way behind her, so you guessed it...my innocent missionary eyes were subject to seeing her shiny white keister. Word to the wise, DON'T answer the door without clothes on.

I went to the chiropractor on Monday, 'cause the pain in my hip and lower back was just MORE than I could take. He attempted a few adjustments, but these mammoth hips of mine weren't movin. He got a few little cracks outta my neck and back and advised me to come back on Wed. So, I dutifully returned this morning, after two days of horrid pain. I have never felt pain like this, to the point that I could barely walk, or get up and down. Going to the bathroom has just been unfun. So, this morning I'm happy to report that my hips were up to a few more cracks and pops. It feels better, I do think I'm on the mend, but OY VAY!!!! I'm ready for it to be done.

Watched American Idol, sadly my Kimberly Caldwell didn't do as well as I thought she would. However, i'm stickin with her, I DIG her voice, it's so Anastasia/Pinkish. That Julia D'mato, whilst having a great voice, I think she's a uppity B*&%#! I'm having a hard time rooting for her, because she's so full of herself. What was up with the guy singing the Toni Braxton song? Or that stupid JD Adams, cute, but not all that good. Can't wait to hear the results tonight.

Ok, I officially am soooooo boring. I have NOTHING to talk about. I really need to get out and have more of a life. Jer and I are staying at Buttons and Bambis house this weekend, 'cuase they're going to Disneyland. I wanna go to Disneyland. ::making a sad face::

Another week flying by and still nothing done on the rental house. I meet with the painter tomorrow to go over final paint choices and so he can give me a time he'll start. But, still garbage needing to be hauled away, carpet needs to be ordered, cleaning to be done. WHEN will I get this done. Oh and wait, WHY is this MY sole duty? I'm not the only freakin one living in this house or in charge of this situation. UGH!

Alright, time for my journal thought of the day.

"Tell about your parents' philosophy of raising kids, discipline, rules, etc."

Well, I personally feel my parents were BRILLIANT at parenting. No, they weren't perfect and I had many moments of frustration, however, they did a good job! I think the first word that comes to my mind is...Respect. I swear we came out of the womb respectin them! We always knew the limit and we knew the consequences if we overstepped those limits. If they said there would be punishment, THERE was punishment. I had my fair share of groundings and spankings. Yet, we always knew how loved we were, and we had total security and comfort in our place in the family. They worked hard to be good, strong examples of love, goodness, righteousness and hardworkers. I freaking love my parents, and thank God every day for sending me to such amazing people to be raised.

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