February 09, 2003 | 11:55 a.m.
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Sunday morning, I'm at Buttons and Bambis, Jer is still sleeping and I have a big FAT case of laryngitis! Yes, it's true, Laryngitis! For the record, I NEVER EVER lose my voice. I've had laryngitis exactly one time before in my life. Ok, I mean I get sick with sinus issues, drainage, etc. and don't have full vocal capabilities, but that's different than NOT being able to talk above a squeek or whisper. It totally sucks, and yet is somehow cute? People kept telling me I sounded like SueAnne yesterday. Whilst I LOVE her dearly, I DO NOT want to sound like her. I already have issues that I'm becoming too much like her. I think my butt is taking on a far to similar appearance.

Anywho, yesterday was sis in laws baby shower, put on by yours truly and her friend Joy. I got up UBER early so I could clean the bathroom and get the house set up and prepped, shower, go clear to freakin Egypt to buy the crib and get back in enough time to lay out the spread of food. As a side thought I think I have a serious run on sentence problem. So, I'm proud to report that I got ALL those things done, and the shower was a smashing success. She got sooooooooooooo many adorable clothes, my favorite being the tankini for a 3 mo. old. Oh my gosh, too freakin cute. She also got a nice assortmant of bathrobes. HELLO, is there anything cuter than newborn to 6 mo. old clothing? I think NOT!!

Friday night was another comical trip to the "symphony". May I clarify that our local symphony is quite talented, quite good and conductor is a hotty! A hot conductor, who woulda thought it possible? Anyway, due to an extensively long dinner we missed the first half o' the symphony; which was the actual symphony playing. The entire second half was Jim Brickman. OH BROTHER! Now, don't get me wrong, I believe he's talented. He's written a few songs, i.e. Valentine, The Gift, that I think are fabulous. However, this is a man so supremely into himself that it was comical. Has anyone ever seen one of his cds, or music books? They somehow become photo albums of Jim, for the modeling career he never had. Let me assure you, they all make him look WAY better than he really does. He came trotting out and we immediately started giggling. He's all of 5 ft. nothing and totally goofy looking. I don't know, I'm sure I sound like such a snob, but he was just too much. I fell asleep for a goo chunk of it, 'cause I couldn't stand to watch him play. Plus, I really feel like all instrumental piano music starts sounding exactly the same after like 2 songs. NOTE TO PRINCESSREVA, he did have a guy who played electric violin, it was really pretty cool. I thought of you the whole time. I'd love to see/hear you perform. Would you please let me know when you might be in a recital or something?!

Well, I should probably go rouse Jer from his slumber, since we need to run home and get ready for the day. I don't like getting ready at other peoples house, in fact I hate it and will almost never do it. So, if housesitting, I just usually come to hang out and sleep, then go home. Anyway, we have a lunch date with his mother, oooh the excitement.



Ok, and one more thing. Do you know you're really cool once people actually start writing to you in your guestbook? I just have not reached that level of coolness. ::smiles::

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