February 12, 2003 | 8:47 a.m.
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How my day began.....far earlier than expected!!! At 7:10 this morning sis. in law comes trapsing in with phone in hand to wake me up. When I first started to comprehend what was happening, all I could think was, "she had BETTER be in labor", but alas NO, it was Daddyo calling from Honduras. Yes, this brilliant father of mine felt that at that very moment he MUST speak to me. And what was he calling for? He's decided he wants a window put into the back bedroom in the rental house. Yes, a knock out part of the wall, build a window window. HELLO! Why could he not of told me this a month ago, three weeks ago, HELL, LAST WEEK! Not two days before the painter is coming to paint everything. Not a week before the carpet is to be installed. What was he thinking? So, after that phonecall, I of course couldn't get back to sleep. My mind started reeling, and I soon realized that going back to sleep wasn't in my future. So, I got up, read my latest Entertainment Weekly in the toity, came out and got the phonebook, and well, here I am! Well, I opened the phonebook, and when what I saw just overwhelmed me. I don't even know where to begin when it comes to a project such as this. I was looking up contractors, there are MORE than I could imagine. I tried calling one, he made me feel stupid for only wanting a window, he didn't do that sort of thing. I called another, no answer, left a message. After that, I felt defeated, so I figured I'd eat my oatmeal in peace and read some d-land entries. And finally, write my own entry for the day.

American Idol talk, let me give it to you straight folks...Clay is my man. Seriously, where in the world does that skinny little white boy get sooooooo much voice? I LOVE IT! I love him and all his skinny geekiness! I called for over an hour voting for him. Yea, I'm that dumb and addicted. I voted for him over 100 times. It was my personal quest to get him moved on. Because well, sorry to all the Reuben fans, but I'm not THAT impressed with him. I haven't been from the start. Don't get me wrong, he's talented, he really is, but for them to stand up and say his was THE best performance of the night. Please, he had ONE patented hand move that he did over and OVER and OVER!! Then his face was all squished up to the point you couldn't see he had eyes anymore. I'm just not buying that HE was the BEST! Personally, I like Kimberly Locke, she rocked the house with her "Over the Rainbow." Her hair was bad, and her outfit worse, but those things are fixable! She ruled and I'll be pissed if she doesn't make it. Ok, back to performing the song....Rebekah Bonds might not have been the greatest singer (though a cool voice she did have) she "performed" the crap out of that song. She was a better performer than all of them, so whatever to the judges. I refuse to discuss how that stupid Jacob John even made it this far, OR that Jennifer Fuentes, OH BROTHER! And on that note, long live Clay Aiken! WOO HOO! I went to the offical website, you know...Idolonfox.com, and I read about each and every one of the 32 contestants. I just want to say, ICK! I only liked about 5 of them from their Q&A's. The rest came across as such self absorbed losers. Like if that STUPID Corey Clark makes it, I'll stop watching the show. No really, I will. He's a freaking idiot, AND not a very good singer. Ok, i'm gonna stop ranting, because I'm sure to offend somebody if I don't. I get WAY to emotionally involved for my own good.

Anywho, it's Valentines on Friday, guess where my ever lovin husband will be? Work, yep, that's right, he'll be workin. How fun and romantical for me huh? Oh well, good thing I don't place much stock in the dumbness of the "holiday". Guess I'll get him a card and call it a day. Last year, we drove out of town to go to and open house with our friend Crazy T, and we did nothing but fight the entire day. I don't remember why, but it just got comical after awhile. Now, whenever we start arguing or fighting about anything, Crazy T goes, "Happy Valentines day". It makes us laugh at our own stupidity. We also ate at The Cheesecake Factory that night....YUM!

Well, it's suddenly 9:00, I have no window estimates and I should be at the rental ripping wallpaper off the wall. Oh heaven help me!

Until next time,

Nanu Nanu

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