February 17, 2003 | 10:55 p.m.
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Haven't felt like mustering up the energy to write in here. I guess I was too busy buying water and flashlights, so as to save myself from the end of the world. Ok, I say it lightheartedly, but it is something that concerns me. I just read Catsnapples latest entry, it had a great bit about why we should stand up and fight for our freedom. Thanks for putting it in such a way that it makes sense, and makes me want to do something about the freedom we so enjoy.

Valentines was fine, at lesat we didn't fight this year. Jer was gone all day to school, rehearsal and then work. Bambi came over in the afternoon to drop off a little gift of Valentine love and pick up her keys that I apparently had been holding hostage. I offered to watch their two kids so they could have a Valentines tryst. She took me up on the offer, so folks, I spent my Valentines at Buttons and Bambis with two little girls. Mostly, they slept the whole time and I took a nice long nap as well. How pathetic is that? Thankfully, I could give a flying rats about Valentines and all its lameness. I did give Jer a CD, shirt and some chocolates and a couple of cards, ooooh, how romantical. When he came home from work that night (11:30) he had roses and a DVD for me. He bought me "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." He wanted to watch it, I tried to, but I was so tired, I fell promptly to sleep. I went to bed, he continued to watch, until the storm kicked up, then he came running in, 'cause he's a man child when it comes to storms with lightning and thunder. Yeah, we here in the grand Arizona desert had a week of overcast skys and scattered rain. It was crazy, and great all at the same time.

There isn't much else happening. Well, other than the fact that I'm a wee bit depressed, 'cause I asked my Dad if Jer and I could move into the rental house, and he told me no. I must confess, I've done all this work at the house, and all the picking out of paint color, carpet, flooring, etc. with the thought in mind that I Might get to live there. I've decorated it in my mind with our stuff, I've put stuff in closets, organized our belongings, all in my head. It was exciting to think we'd have our own space, our own stuff. Now, I just don't care what happens. What makes it worse...we went and saw L & T's new house today and it's soooooooooooo cute, and EXACTLY the colors I would have painted my own house. They got married in July and already have a new/old house, their own stuff, their own freakin life. UGH! There is so much still left to do at the rental, and Dad is FREAKING out that noone is living there, or even looking at it yet. The painters barely started painting yesterday, still haven't ordered the carpet. We still have to fix all the fans/lights, lay the wood floor, replace the toilet, sink in the kitchen, etc. Anyone know a good handyman? Goodness knows we don't have a clue what we're doing.

Jer is in the bedroom "cleaning", which usually means HOURS of unnecessary going through stuff, reminiscing, finding useless crap and reliving the memories, and eventually clean will prevail. Tomorrow morning he goes to meet the surgeon, to see if he has a tumor that is cancerous or not. Oh yeah, I forgot to write about this. On Thursday he went to the doctor to have a troublesome lump checked out on his arm. The Dr. was really concerned about it and referred him to a surgeon IMMEDIATELY. So, tomorrow is the big day. The good news, it feels like the lump has gone down in size since Thursday, so we're hoping for an all clear, no big deal prognosis. I couldn't take anything bad going wrong with Jer!

Well, I'm long and boring as usual. Must be on my way to bed, I'm tired!



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