August 26, 2003 | 9:34 p.m.
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Here's what amazes me....people who actually update their diaries DAILY! THAT is amazing. I'm almost equally amazed with the people that update their diaries several times a week. How do you do it? I was just reading a few diaries, and I've come to this conclusion: Everyones diary is more interesting, funny or funner than mine. And maybe in their world that isn't the case, maybe in their world they think "I'm so boring, I have nothing to say, etc." But, when I read it, I'm amused, I'm intrigued, I'm interested. There is this journal called Funny The World, and it's this older lady who just simply writes about her day to day progress on recovering from an injury, or little things that happen around the house or in her life. I'm fascinated I tell ya, just fascinated. I love her matter of factness, and her absolute simple honesty. I even love to see what picture she's gonna throw in at the end of her entry. I found a guys diary the other night through reading Kitchen Logic. Anyway, I clicked on one of his entries and I swear to Buddah I have not laughed that hard and that long for ages. His whole entry was about sitting in bed one night and his wife having a gas problem, and he described her offenses. I'm sorry, call me juvenile, but that was freakin funny! I mean, we ALL do it, so don't try to deny it. And EVERY married couple knows what he's talkin about, and dammit, it's FUNNY! Then theres weetabix who is just a great writer, funny, full of it, I love her. So, one can see why I don't ever add entries, I got nothin cute, clever or all that worthwhile to talk about. Oh yeah, and I'm also really lazy.

I'm teaching school, me, a school teacher. I never thought I'd see the day. And, I'm quickly realizing why I never thought I'd see it...'cause I'm not cut out for it. First of all, I'm required to be at school by 7:30 a.m. This means I have to wake up by 5:30 a.m. AT THE LATEST to be there on time. Does anyone want to take a guess at when the last time I saw THAT time of day was? YEAH, it was when big hair and Geore Bush Senior were still in style. I don't do mornings, I do early afternoon. So, it's been quite an adjustment, and quite frankly, this walking zombie thing I have going on has got to stop. On the upside, I have been to Wal-Mart by 6:45 a.m. two mornings in a row. Does anyone know the joy of Wal-Mart at that time? I''ll tell you, NOONE is there, just me the clerks and my thoughts. It's the ONLY time worth going there. So, one good thing has come of this. Anyway, I'm teaching general music, a position my sister taught for two years before becoming a principal. Word to the wise, my sister was a MUCH better teacher than I. It's come FORCEFULLY to my attention that I was not cut out for the wee ones. I'm definitely meant to teach people 16 yrs. and older, with my ideal being college age. Not that I don't think the kids are cute, 'cause they are, but I just have a more adult mentality and a short patience span. I'm learning, every day I'm learning, but it's exhausting and tiring, and tiring, and really tiring. So, if you didn't already have the immense respect you should have for teachers....GET IT! They are amazing people, who work their asses off for no money and not a whole lot of respect! I LOVE YOU TEACHERS OF AMERICA (note how I don't include myself, I still feel like an imposter). So, anyway, I'll figure it out, and I know it'll get easier, but man this first year stuff sucks. I don't know what the hell I'm doin, and I wanna cry when the class sucks and I feel like I have no control over the kids.

Hmmmm, that's my biggest news. Start my voice students again next week. I've had a lovely break from them, but must get back in the swing of things. Can't wait to be able to pay my bills. haha

It's 9:30, past my bedtime. Still need to shave my hideously hairy legs and iron something to wear tomorrow. Ok, it's mortifying when this adorable little first grade girl is sitting next to you and she grabs your leg and starts hugging on you and you know you haven't shaved in over a week. I was like, ooocky, icky, don't touch the leg, but how can you kindly yank your leg from a hugging child? I just swallowed hard and dealt with the knowledge that she'd probably forget my name 5 minutes after she left, so she wasn't gonna remember my hairy legs.

O dokee, gotta go.


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