August 27, 2003 | 9:26 p.m.
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My beloved Joycee signed my guestbook, which has thus inspired this entry. I've had the most delightful afternoon/evening, I'm not gonna lie. I get out of school a bit earlier on Wednesdays, and I was tired and frazzled to say the least. So, I treated myself to a pedicure, 'cause my electric blue nail polish was beyond it's prime and I couldn't stand to look at my crusty unkempt toes any longer. My friend Sun at the local vietnamese shop did me up beautifully, with a fabulous shade of red on the toesies. I felt happy. I then went over to the parentals house to look over some of their business things that I'm in charge of. I HATE being in charge of their stuff, it stresses me out. There was a nice little notice that said, we haven't received your payment of $24,000 for the stock you bought, send it immediately or else. HELLO, when did they have time to buy stock? It all just freaks me out, and them too. I called and told them, and they were like, UH NO, that is INCORRECT. So, a mess I have to sort out. SICK! Anyway, played with my niece, who just gets cuter and cuter by the day. She's become so sweet and fun it's worth just sitting around and watching her play on the floor. After about an hour there, I HAD to go home, I needed my house. I walked in, ditched the clothes, as any sensible person in this heat and humidity would do and just relished my quiet alone time. I fell asleep for about 45 minutes, and then I had a little dinner, read an entire Guidepost magazine. Let's discuss how much I love Guidepost. I just think it's so great, 'cause we all need a little positivity in our lives from time to time. I worked on my voice lesson schedule, made phone calls, talked to my husband (he's at work), and now I'm typing this. This is happy. No, the fact that I don't have to teach school tomorrow is happy. And the fact that I don't have to go back there until Tuesday (due to Labor Day) is even HAPPIER!!!! I shall enjoy my time away immensely!!

It rained a lot last night, apparently so much it flooded quite a few streets in Gilbert. I'm so oblivious to these things. Once I come home, it's an impenetrable fort and I never see the night time sky. I heard the wind and thunder, but that was about all. I'm just thankful it rained, we need it.

I'm figuring out how to deal with kindergartners a little better. The trick is to do 40 different activities in a 1/2 hr. Seriously, ya gotta change direction every 5 minutes or you completely lose control. They responded much better to my new system, which is starting each class with a little rendition of "If You're Happy and you know it". Primary music comes quite in handy at times like this. The kids really are cute, even if they are kissing on eachother and poking eachother in the you know wheres and then crying that someone was mean, or someone pushed them. I only had to put one in time out today, joy and rapture.

Well, popcorn is calling my name, and who am I to deny talking popcorn!!


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