August 29, 2003 | 8:54 p.m.
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So I said to Jer last night...I don't think I'm ever gonna go very far in this ever political world. And do ya wanna know why? I just plain suck at blowing sunshine up peoples asses. I CAN NOT lie worth crap! If someone sucks, I can't lie and say they did a great job. If I completely disagree with the way someone does something, I can't just suck it up and quietly turn my cheek, i just can't. This comes up because I listened to my disgruntled husband bad mouth someone and their choices, and he had a VERY valid reason for doing so. BUT, when he talked to that person a 1/2 hr. later, I had to listen to him completely LIE. But, not in the lie and you're going to hell way, but in the, this is the politcally correct things to say and I'll go further in the corporate world sort of way. As I listened to him say, "I completely respect your talent and your decisions, and hye I wasn't in there, I know that you made the right decisions, etc." I literally had to hold the vomit back. I even said outloud, I'm gonna vomit all over your face. He wasn't pleased with me. But, I'm the girl who couldn't stand listening to my sister tell a story about something we'd done, because she embellished things, and I would be sitting there thinking, no, that didn't hap9pen, no, you're making that up, NO, NO, NO! Consequently, I'm no good at brownnosing in the appropriate places. If I don't like your politics I tell you. I can't fake smile very well either, so I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never be a department chair or a head of state. Hey wait, why do I care? I only care when I see people think that the lier/brown noser people are so great and wonderful, and I know what the liar people really think. And people think I'm such a bitch or a snob or wahtever, because I can't keep my opinion or observations to myself. Can we feel my pain here?!

Ok, so the hotel, it was nice enough. However, the bathtub was not up to resort standards....a plain jane, small tub. Needless to say, we weren't impressed enough to use it. In fact, we didn't get tthere until so late, and then hung out with Trace and her swing friends for awhile, that by the time we got back to our room, we were POOPED! We feel asleep, it's the truth. Pathetic, but the truth.

I took my older sister wedding dress shopping today. This is her second marraige, and the first one she's really happy about. Anywho, she didnt' want anything elaborate, this is her second marriage for crying out loud. So, the first place we go to, the girls didn't even so much as get up from their desk. I mean, yeah, we're fat, but hey, we're paying customers just the same, so get off your duffs and make and effort. PRETEND to be interested in the fact that a fatty is getting married. Anyway, we grabbed a few dresses, and all of them were awful. Those stupid twit girls didn't even TRY to come over one time and ask how things were, or if we needed help, or anything. TWITS! So, we left there and headed over to my favorite bridal store, the one where I bought my bee-utiful dress for my wedding. It's owned by these two Iranian sisters, and I LOVE them. They are the coolest, sweetest ladies ever, and they remember EVERYTHING. I walked in and she immediately asked how married life was for me, and this and that. She directed us to the right section (though she was extremely busy in the store) and then when sis tried on the dresses, she was there to make her comments or help in any way. So, the good news is, we found the perfect dress, it's beautiful, simple and best of all, rentable!!!! Sis felt soo happy, and that in turn made me happy. After the shopping venture, we came to my house and sat and chatted, it was delightful. I don't have people visit me enough in my house, I wish they did more.

Gotta go and sit at the registration desk again tomorrow for the swing dance thingy. I really hope that this is all worth it for trace, she's put a lot of money into it, that's for sure! After doing my time there, I think I'm gonna go buy our entertainment center. I'm just tired of waiting, that's all there is to it. I mean, I'll discuss it with jer first, but he'll just say go for it. He's like a little kid if I ever mention buying anything.

Well, I wanna go read.

Ta ta


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