September 01, 2003 | 10:46 a.m.
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Happy Labor Day to you, Happy labor day to you, Happy labor day dear everyone, happy labor day to you!!! Hooray beer! I love school holidays, they're the greatest. I might enjoy this one even more if I was remotely prepared right now for my classes tomorrow. At some point in this day I MUST prepare some lessons for the next two days. I must also clean my dirty house, eat some breakfast, put away the laundry, go shopping, pay some bills. Well, you get the picture. And the sad truth is, I'll probably just read my Entertainment Weekly with my beloved and sexy Clay Aiken on the cover thank you very much.

I'm a heel, I forgot to wish one of my bestes buddies a Happy Birthday yesterday. I'd been noting his birthday on the calendar for weeks, I'd made mental notes to send him a card, call him, etc. But no, the day came and went with nary a wish from me. I feel so bad. I wrote him an e-mail grovelling for his forgiveness, but still, how lame can I be?

The apartment building across the road from us exploded yesterday. Yeah, you read it right, just big bangs and then smoke and fire like you wouldn't believe. Jer was watching a movie and I was reading, when suddenly the whole house shook and the windows rattled immensely. He yelled into me, "What in the hell was that?, Are you getting bombed?" I looked outside and couldn't see anything unusual, so I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know." Well, about five minutes later there were sirens coming from every direction and they didn't stop for at least 25 minutes. We then knew something was up, so we meandered outside and walked up the street and could see the apartments across Broadway on fire. They had units from Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert and Mesa there, it was crazy. So, it seemed like they got the fire out pretty quickly, only to have it keep reigniting itself for another 8 hours. All the sudden the flames were back, higher and bigger than ever. At LEAST 8 aparments were completely destroyed, but even more had structural damage. Don't know if it was a meth lab, or some report said they thought the people were trying to make bulletts or something. It was crazy. I just feel so bad for those poor people who lost everything they had. HOW AWFUL!! From what I hear there were no casualties as of yet, though they did take two people away. Very surprising that there weren't more hurt. Anyway, theres the report on aparmtnet explosions in Mesa. All the more reason why I'll never live in a large apartment complex, EVER!!!

I'm sick. I have HORRID allergies and they attacked with a serious vengance this weekend. I'm stuffy, sniffly, coughing, hacking up unmentionable things. I HATE this! Hello, I sort of NEED to have a voice for a living. Anyone have any GREAT allergy relief medicine they can recommend? UGH!

Well, lucky charms and Clay Aiken are callin!

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