September 03, 2003 | 11:07 p.m.
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A year and half ago, I got married, and we went on a spankin honeymoon cruise. Before the cruise, we spent 2 days in a plush hotel in Miami. Day one, my hair dryer BROKE. One cab ride and FORTY DOLLARS later we got to the local K-mart so I could purchase another piece of American made finery. I picked up my new Conair in record time and headed back to hotel luxury. This morning....said blowdryer BLEW UP! A moment of silence please.

Piece of CRAP!

As if I hadn't already had the worlds worst night....a sinus headache that knew NO bounds. At 5 a.m. when the damned alarm went off, I arose from my unslumber and picked up the phone. I called my school and croakily said..."I will be there for my first class, not any sooner." Then, I took drugs, and laid me down to sleep. I had a good hour of rest before I had to start the day. So, there I am, half drugged, hacking up my lungs and other unmentionable things, thinking about what I DON'T have in my closet to wear and commiserating over my fatness when the great blow dryer fiasco of '03 happens. As soon as I turned it on I knew something was not righty poo. It was vibrating strangely, and whilst I'm no mechanic, I know a vibrating hairdryer from a smooth one. So, I eyed it warily, turned it over and over in my hands and decided I'd go for it, hoping for the best. Well, halfway through the blow job, I mean blow dry the damn thing exploded. Literally, there was a loud POP, the mesh on the back blew out and there was fire. Being the intelligent person I am, I turned it off, shook it a bunch until some offending screw fell out and then quietly laid it to rest. My hair was still wet, but does this matter....NO! We were off to a bad start, what more could I do? I found something to wear, but I'm not proud of it. The second graders were evil monster beasts and we didn't get to do ANYTHING musical. I had to spend the whole time making a seating chart and telling them how "evil" they were. Here's hoping they got my point this time. Seriously, teachers are amazing people!

Today was my second day of the voice teaching. It was actually not bad at all, and only one student forgot her money. Banner day folks!!

When the last student was gone, I put on my shoes and headed for the local Wal-mart, aka EVIL EMPORIUM to purchase myself another blowdryer. Of course, I couldn't just get out with that...I had to buy some mascara, a few cleaning rags, a couple of kitchen utensils and THEN I could leave. Quite frankly, I'm proud of myself, this was one of my cheapest Wal-mart excursions ever...only $30.00. Then, I headed to the grocery store, deposited my checks and did some shopping. Again, call my Bargain Betsy, but I only bought VIP items. I got 10 things of Yoplait for 5 bucks, SCORE!! I was PISSED that all the Totinos party pizzas were GONE, they were only a buck a piece. I also got 12 cans o corn for 6 bucks, it made me happy. Throw in some grands biscuits, crackers, salad, apples, etc. I was on a roll. I saved nearly 30 bucks folks, THIRTY BUCKS, moments like that make it all worth it I tell ya, ALL worth it.

Tomorrow I have to teach for 6 hours, ICK! But, I trudge onward, 'cause I'm a trooper! HAHAHAHA

Can't wait 'til Friday....my new entertainment center is arriving. WOO Freaking HOO! I can't wait to see how the monster fills up my living room. Now I will no longer have an excuse for not finishing decorating that room.

On that note, my new bought pudding is calling my name!!!

Lover should be home any minute!


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