September 04, 2003 | 11:33 p.m.
<- I want guestbook entries dammit! ->

I miss Dot, I wish she'd write in her diary more.

Noone signs my guestbook, I find this bothersome. How does one become loved and adored in d-land? How do they become overwhelmed with guestbook entries? I don't need a lot, and don't get me wrong....my Joycee signs, and that's wonderful. But well, I'm greedy, I'm not gonna lie...I wanna feel the love.

Many thanks to weetabix for e-mailing fabulous instructions on how to use HTML and perhaps someday have a site worth looking at. I really plan to figure out her instructions and implement them in the near future. But, anyone who has knowhow willing to give me a little helpy helpy would be greatly appreciated.

I just tried to follow her instructions on how to link. Heres for hoping it works. Joy to the world!

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