October 05, 2003 | 5:27 p.m.
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Well, in reviewing my last entry, I see it happens to be the last time I didn't have to be in actual church meetings. See, today was General Conference. I love conference, I love all the speakers and their remarks, I love not having to take a shower or ever having to leave my house. I do feel slothful, 'cause I really haven't taken a shower, and I'm a little grubby, but whatever.

Here it is Sunday again, which of course means, day o' hell tomorrow. However, I have alternative plans, thank you very much. Last Monday I started to lose my voice, by the end of the day, after still talking A LOT on it and attempting to sing, etc. it was GONE. I mean GONE to a ridiculous level. And still for two more days, I trudged to school and attempted to teach lessons to kids. They had to listen to my incredibly raspy, not even there voice. It was horrible, and by Wednesday I was crying. I couldn't speak above a whisper, which was ridiculous. I couldn't sing with them to teach them, I could control any class because they couldn't hear me. It was AWFUL. Well, I was really hoping that by now my voice would be back. But, it is not. It's getting better, it really is, I can speak without squeaking, but I know that if I go in tomorrow and just push it, I'll lose it all over again. So, sorry principal sister of mine, but I'm showing them a video production of Oliver, they can just sit and watch that for a 1/2 hr., and I can preserve my voice for the next two days. I think it's a brilliant plan, and it's why I'm not having a horrid stomach ache right now.

I'll begin telling them about another composer and build into that. Mean time, the next week is our October break and my fat booty will be sauntering around New York City. Then when I come back, we'll have composer week, then the next week, test on what they've learned so far. WOO HOO! THEN, November we will begin the process of learning all their Christmas music for their big HOLIDAY concert. Sadly I have one Jehovahs Witness out of all the classes, and she can't participate in "holiday" stuff. I DON'T get their belief system. They can't even sing patriotic songs. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Boggles my mind.

So yeah, New York, in like 8 days. We're gonna go see six, count 'em SIX shows, three of which I've seen before, but hey, they were good. We're staying in a NICE hotel, gonna do Tavern on the Green adn I'm FINALLY gonna get my carriage ride through Central Park. And, it'll be a whole lot cooler than it is here. WOO HOO!

In other exciting news, Jers prize money came in, we paid off the TV, and I have the cash in hand to purchase my washer and dryer. CAN'T WAIT for that!! Then, with left over money we'll use that in New York. Much as I want to apply it to debt, that just would NOT fly with Jer. Plus, he DID win it, we should have fun with it.

Well, I'm gonna take my lazy arse and look over the new composer info. and any possible lesson ideas, should I chicken out on the video idea.



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