October 08, 2003 | 10:20 a.m.
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First, a belated birthday shout out to my soul man Cliffy, LOVE him. Second, happy birthday today to one of my lifelong friends, Karen. I NEVER see her or talk to her, but I still love her and think of her. Even if she thinks I don't. Finally, happy birthday tomorrow to mr. Camille Saint-Saens, famous composer of things such as dance macabre and Carnival of the Animals. Can you tell he's the composer of the month. hee hee

I have like 3 minutes before the next class shows up, and I finally have a computer and internet in my classroom, hoooooray beer!!!!

I ended up not going to school on Monday. I woke up that morning, and was literally tipping over, like my equalibrium was all jacked. I was dizzy and it was wierd. I actually got all ready, thinking it would go away, the more awake I got. It didn't really. So, I called in, and it was glorious not to be at school. I took a morning nap, then got up and went to the chiropractor who yanked and cracked my neck in ways I didn't know were possible. After the yanking, I went to my bro and sis in laws, 'cause I wanted to just sit in a bathtub. See, our apartment, beautiful as it is, does not have a bathtub, on a freaking shower. So, I ended up chatting with Lanners forever, and then she cut and colored my hair. So see, not a wasted day at all. Then in the afternoon, I taught my voice lessons. It was amazing, my voice improved so much over the course of the day. I KNOW if I'd gone in to school and tried to teach, it would of regressed. Anywho, it's still getting better.

OOOPS! Class is here.


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