December 09, 2003 | 2:47 p.m.
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Why am I a failure as a school teacher (especially of kindegartners)? I'll tell you. In one day they learned all the actions to ALL of their 8 songs, and got the words right, after working with one of the kindee teachers, and it took me 4 weeks. I SUCK! Half the kids (1st - 6th) are so apathetic about the concert it's frightening. I've tried to help them understand what a big deal this is, and how fun and cool it is. But, they just don't seem to give a flying crap about it. I'm down to calling parents to MAKE SURE their kids are there. Seriously, how can I put on a successful concert if noone is gonna show up. I have 6th graders who are so UGH! they're still forgetting their words, AND actions. Fifth graders who just flat out refuse to be a part of it. And the thing that sucks the most....the kids are really good singers for the most part. When they feel like singing, they're loud, on pitch, and really good. AND, I have a ton of fun music, it's gonna be a good concert. OY!

In other news: Jer got signed with an agent today, a REALLY good and reputable agent here in AZ. We're so excited. Hopefully he'll get some print and commercial work and he'll actually make money at what he loves to do. HOORAY BEER! Most importantly, he's so happy, and when Jer is happy, we're all much happier.

We had a Christmas party for his acting class at our house on Sunday. Our house is freakin awesome and beautiful. We got some guy to come and cut back all the crappy foilage that'd begun to take over our driveway and our yard. We finally took the ghetto out of our yard by getting rid of all the old sink and countertops left from our renovation of the place. Rest easy, it's not a front yard it was in, it's a side yard we have, and noone from the street could see it. I simply will NEVER stoop to such levels as that. Anyway, our friend came and hauled it away, and it makes my heart leap with joy to walk into my yard and see it clean, and clear. I put three little natural bark christmas trees next to the front door and a garland around the door, all strung with lights, it looks fab. Then inside is a winter wonderland, fire going, lights twinkling in all the right places. I love it. I should take pictures and post them, I think I will. Anyway, Jers mom catered the affair, she's quite the whiz in the kitchen (owned her own restraunt). I can't spell that blasted word to save my life. Anyway, there was way to much food, so when his little party disbanded, we called my human garbage disposal brother to come and get a bunch of food, and then some friends of ours came over and ate up. We talked all about sex, and our crazy lives and laughed by the fire. Good times! All sunday nights should be like that, except the fact that I didn't go to bed until 2 a.m. I have this little problem. I CAN NOT and will not go to bed unless my house is immaculate. It bothers me to no end to have the couch cushions out of place, much less dishes in the sink or things out of place. I'm not OCD or anything, I just really enjoy cleanliness. There must be a place for everything, NO CLUTTER!!

Went and saw one of my students in her school show on Friday. She was great, the rest of the show sorta blew, but hey, it's highschool. Jer was VERY critical, only because he'd done the show before. I had to remind him, he was in college and it was a damn good production, he couldn't rightly compare this lowly highschool production to it. It fell on deaf ears.

My sis turned 37 yesterday, I had the whole school sing to her...she was touched. This scares me, it means I'll be turning 31 in just over a month. That sucks! I need to have babies, STAT!

Jers Mom, Sister and Aunt came over last night to hang out, during the finale of Average Joe. EWWW! That reminds me...I"m PISSED! Pissed, pissed, pissed at the a-holes who put together Average Joe, and pissed at STuPID Melena for picking the pretty boy. Adam the "average joe" was freaking awesome. Cute, funny, AND a millionaire with his priorties straight. What the hell is wrong iwth her? She picked the idiot pretty boy who is seriously STUPID! Did anyone listen to him talk? He had NOTHING to say. Other than, umm yeah, I really do like Melena (of course you do dumbass, she's hot, who wouldn't?). I was seriously livid, and wanted to cry at the same time. I told the TV and Jers mom, I'd be willing to date Adam. hee hee AND, their final date was in my hometown, which is fine and all, but did ya see where her and Jason went. Hello beautiful, compare that to the nasty ass desert view, it's just not right. I LOVE AZ, I truly do. I'd live here til the day I die, BUT, I'm not afraid to admit that the desert is UGLY! Anywho, I'm gonna get over this, I swear. My sis in Utah called, we lamented. Now we're anxiously looking forward to installment number two. The new girl looks like a beeotch!

Finally bought bedding for the guest bedroom, hung some pics in their too. It looks smashing good, finished. I spent so much money putting on this party, simply because I was buying stuff to finish decorating the house and Christmas decorations, AND some food. Told Jere, there went any of our Christmas money that we might have had.

We leave in one week and 3 days for Chicago. I'm excited, though not looking forward to the snow. Boo on snow!

Ok, my arm is going to sleep, and my shoulder/back hurts. Must rest before the next round of kindees show up, then a WHOLE hour with BOTH 1st grade classes combined. YIKES!!!

One last thing, took a nap on my classroom floor this morning. I had a break, I was damn tired, I drooled and everything. How delish is that? Woke up to Jer calling to tell me he was signed. Then I went and told my sis, drove to Subway to eat fresh, ate fresh and headed back into class. Hell Kindee class wasn't as bad as usual, this is a good thing!

ok, I'm really going!


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