December 09, 2003 | 12:48 p.m.
<- A 2nd lame attempt ->

BITTER! Just wrote a long entry, lots of fun stuff. The bleepity bleep computer ate it. It SAID it went through, but when I went to click on the thing that said, go see what you wrote, it said error. Then, when I checked my page, it wasn't there. I hate the world! Mostly I hate the computer! POO!

I have a site meter, I don't know how to read it. What does it all mean? And how to people know how people are finding them, like site hits, or whatever? I don't get that?

Pissed at Average Joe. PISSED! She's a stupid dumbhead nong nong, shallow hooty for picking the pretty boy. He's stupid, had NOTHING to say, and she passed on Adam, cute, charming, funny AND a millionaire! She's stupid, I hate her, I love Adam, and the show producers should be shot! Can't wait for the next installment, the woman looks like a beeotch!

My house is a beautiful Christmas wonderland. Everyone should see it!

I'm a clean freak! Clutter should NEVER exist, ANYWHERE!!!

I'm a sucky school teacher! I feel like a failure, SUCH a failure! Can't figure out how to get kids to LOVE music.

gotta go, too sad to continue. Why do computers eat perfectly good entries? BOO [email protected]

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