December 14, 2003 | 12:15 a.m.
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BOO on all my favorite diaries NOT updating today. It becomes so much more irritating to me when I actually update. For some reason, I believe that if I update, then ALL my peeps should update. Little do they know they're my peeps, or this rule of mine. Ah well.

I went to visit Joycee today, but alas it was futile. I knocked and knocked, apparently, she was out and about. So, hopefully we'll hook it up another time soon, like tomorrow night!!!

Had a lovely visit with my bro. and sis. in law and the new baby. They have a 5 yr. old son who is so stinkin cute. He LOVES to draw and create...today he was making coloring books so he could sell them for a dollar. He sat so quiet and contentedly for well over an hour, drawing books. I of COURSE had to buy one before I left. He dragged his little fisher price art center to the front door, opened the door, and stated that people would/could now come buy his books. His Dad asked how they'd know they were for sale. He stood there for a second, put his finger to his head, and then said "a ha" and went to get some paper. He came to his Mom and asked her to please make a sign that said "Coloring Books for Sale". I'm tellin you friends, it was more precious than words can say. So, as I was leaving, I asked if I could buy one, he said, "Yes, that will be on dollar." Well, first I had to peruse the merchandise. Upon making my decision, I gave him 4 quarters, he said, a bit irritatedly, "I said one dollar." I kindly informed him that 4 quarters WAS one dollar. He was appeased, and I was on my way, one coloring book richer. Ya gotta love little kids.

I didn't do a whole lot more today, wasn't as productive as I'd like to have been. I washed the white clothes, picked up the bedroom, and straightened the house, watched a little HGTV, went and picked Jer up from work. Tonight he had his final jazz combo performance. They turned the ugly band room at the college into a lovely winter wonderland. It was a nice little shindig. Jer has been sick, major stuffy head, etc. but he still kicked booty when he sang. He's just got such great natural charisma.

I've just spent the last hour working on the program for Monday nights concert. I think I've got a decent looking program, especially since Jer broke my Printmaster CD and I'm left to my own devices. Seriously, how AM I s'posed to function without Printmaster?Boo hoo!

My hands are killin me, all the knuckles are cracking and bleeding, you'd think I'd been doing hard dishwashing labor or something. No such luck, just uber sensitive hands.

Well, I'm sufficiently bored with this entry.


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