December 18, 2003 | 5:22 p.m.
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I'm talking to Chubbychic how fun is that? I just enjoy her and her writing.

Anywho, this entry is gonna make no sense, for I just want to write as it comes to my head, and without vast detail.

Wednesday had a pizza party with the one third grade class that had the most points in my class. It was cute, they brought cd's, games, etc. and we just hung out and ate and stuff. Kids are cute, there's no denying it.

Didn't have to teach all my students yesterday, it was nice. Fell asleep sitting up on the couch, watching tv. Jer came home from work with "Pirates" and wanted to watch it. I WANTED to watch it so bad, but my body said NO. I fell so asleep. I'm still tired.

Had to get up too early today, 'cause was S'POSED to go bra shopping with Eden. She failed her duties, and forgot. So, I ended up in her kitchen just chatting. It was good to visit with her, however brief it may have been.

Had my first internet "fight", in behalf of eden. People are stupid that tell other people they don't even know that they have problems and are bitches, etc. I know we write in a public forum, but good hell...if you don't like what you're reading, stop reading it. If you disagree, find a respectful way to say it, or just keep it to yourself. Public or not, it is a persons right to just state their thoughts and feelings in THEIR diary. Ok, enough on that.

Went and bought a bra today, it's pink. Not sure how I feel about that, but it was the only one Lane Bryant had to fit my giant size hooters. Seriously, it's inhuman to have boobs this big! On the upside, I got a cute pair of jammies for the big trip to Chicago. Stopped at Victoria's Secret to pick up some lipstick, I was so out! Let me say here, I am NOT Victoria's material. Noone even talked to me, as I STARED at the lipsticks for a full 5 minutes. Finally someone took pity on the fat girl and came over to see if she could help. UGH!

Cancelled half my lessons tongiht, just didn't feel like doing them. PLUS, HAVE so much to do tonight. Did I mention we have to be at the FREAKING airport at 6 in the FREAKING morning? What the F mom! So, I'm doing laundry, gotta go do my parents deposits and pay the bills, get my hair colored and cut, AND PACK! Of course this is me we're talking about. I'll be packing at midnight, or 1 a.m., and getting up at 4:30 a.m. to be ready on time for the ride to the airport. I'm a mess I tell ya, a MESS!

I fear I'm leaving my house in a mess, and I don't like the thought of that. Our friend Chris is gonna come and stay here, or at least come by and check on it and make sure all is ok. I feel like we're leaving forever! 2 weeks is too long, clearly I'm not cut out for world travel of months at a time. Hmmm, good thing I'm not rich and can't afford it. Speaking of rich, lottery is up to 116 million, I think I should win.

Well, I guess I really must go to my sis in laws to get the hair done. But first, a bathroom break is in order!

Happy Holidays and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. In case I don't get a chance to update whilst away. We are going to SMALL town America. Noone in my husbands family owns a computer. They don't even know how to use them. It's a little scary really. So, if we're to update, we have to go to the local library to log on. OY! CRAP, I still need to rent a car. HOLY HELL!


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