December 30, 2003 | 4:57 p.m.
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Hi ho neighbors!! Sitting in smallytown library again, luckily today we didn't have to fight the crowds at the computer terminals. Quiet day in Mayberry.

So, things took a turn for the worse while in Indiana and we ended up not staying. It happened like this....after a wonderful first day, and then a fitful night of sleep, I awoke not feeling so fabulous in the tummy. But I just attributed it to the fact that I often don't feel well in the morning. Well, I got ready, looked damn fine and headed to church (15 minutes late, oops!) We made our grand entrance with mama Priebie who was late too. Church was fine, I ended up playing the piano for the little kids primary, and then about half way through the womans meeting, I started to feel like uber caca. I was fighting the urge to barf and you know what else. Thankfully and mercifully the meeting came to and end, and I didn't even attempt to socialize. Jer and I made a beeline back to Rachels house. I immediately went down to the bedroom and dashed to the toity. Needless to say, I made it just in time. Well, then I just layed down on teh bed, Jer left me to rest, and he headed up to a delish dinner of lasagna and who knows what else. I commiserated on the bed for about an hour, went to the bathroom some more, and finally got up. I was determined that this would pass and I was fine. I called my beloved Lisa friend, who had just flown back into town from utah. We set up a dinner time at 5 p.m. Well, it just wasn't to be. I managed to drag myself upstairs, as the whole family was having quiet time. I sat in a chair for awhile, but kept feeling worse. I then made it to the couch, had the kids bring me a blanket, pillow and bucket to puke in, and then cried. See, the thing is, I NEVER get sick. I mean I feel like total crap all the time, but I never get actually, really and truly sick. I don't have fevers, I don't throw up, I don't have diareah, I don't have chills, nothing. So, when I actually DO get sick, I'm a freakin bawl baby. I don't know how to act, or what to do with myself. Well, I was getting worse, the bum was in pain, I felt like barfing any moment, I was getting the chills, and my skin hurt to touch. So, Jer got worried about me and decided we needed to head back to Illinois, PRONTO. So, I called Lisa, told her I was sick, looked like hammered S*&%, and that I couldn't make dinner, but I was coming to see her anyway. I mean, I haven't seen her since her wedding 18 months ago, and she has a freaking baby that she named after me that is 2 mos. old. I HAD to see her. So, we got to their little apartment, and had a lovely time visiting for awhile. I held the baby, I hugged Lisa, USED HER TOITY, and then we were on our way. I had a barf bag at the ready, toilet paper, JUST in case, and Jer bought me some water and some saltines. I'm here to tell you, those were the best damn saltines I had EVER tasted. We made it back to IL in 3 hours flat, I didn't have any accidents ('cause I was loaded up on Immodium A-D and prayer). By the time we got home I was freezing, and couldn't get warm. Jer put me to bed under 3 blankets and there I stayed for about 4 hours. I could NOT get warm. Finally, I got up to go to the bathroom, and after laying back down, I wasn't cold anymore, it was wierd. Then I got HOT, and by the morning, I was on the bed with NO covering at all. It was bizarre. I felt MUCH better the next day, no more booty trauma, but I felt weak and shaky. It was wierd. I'm glad it's over, but a little sad that I didn't get to spend more time with my Indy peeps. However, even though the visit was short, it was GREAT. Jer loved everyone and Indy and he's already making plans to visit again. HOORAY!

Not too much going on around here. Mostly we hang out at Grammas house or Sister Jens. We're cleverly avoid his Bros. house with the obnoxious children. We were s'posed to turn our car in today, but the people there LOVE us. We went in and I said, are you sure you don't just want to rent us the car for another day at this (ridiculously low) price? And, she agreed, don't ya love it. So, we got two more days at dirt CHEAP, and the third day she's comping. I LOVE these people. I love the world, we have a car until the day we leave. HALLELUIA! HALLELUIA! There is NOTHING worse than having to rely on people for rides.

On an unrelated, yet somehow related note. I MISS my home. I miss our cute little house, and our car, and our BED! I MISS OUR BED! I miss sleeping with my husband on a bed that we both fit on. I miss our couches that are actually big and comfortable. I miss our computer. I miss Arizona, I miss it all. I love it here, don't get me wrong, it's cute and quaint, and Jers family is lovely. BUT, I've been away from home for too long!

Tomorrow is our big VP family Christmas, FINALLY. I'm so curious to see what I'm getting from them. Jer is like a 5 yr. old in a candy shop, it's KILLING him to wait this long to open presents. I also can't wait to give sister Jen her present, I think she's gonna love it! AND, to give our other presents too, HOORAY!

Well, it's nearly time for our dinner date with gramma, she's feeling like she hasn't seen enough of us this trip. So, we're gonna have yummy spaghetti. Well, I hope it's yummy. Jer has this false assumption that everything his gramma makes is so GOOD. It's not always the case. It could be that she's 88 and losing her touch, but I don't know.

This entry is too long for it's own good. It will self destruct in 5 minutes.

Later peeps

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