January 20, 2004 | 12:49 p.m.
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I don't know why, but for some reason, I never feel like updating, unless it's 2 minutes before a class is about to arrive. Here at the schoolio it seems is my most productive writing time. So, with 5 minutes before the Kindees show up, I'll write a little sumpin, sumpin.

My beloved Steviee called last night, he's my all too fabulous gay boy love that lives in New York and works it on Broadway. I met him at college, my first year back at the ol' MC cool. I thought he was so nerdy, and oh so gay. Little did I know he would soon become one of my favorite people EVER! We bonded, as I do with ALL gay men, and became the best of friends. Soon enough, he was leaving me for the big, mean streets of New York, via New Jersey and a bad school. In his 5 short years there, he's gone from a nobody, ushering at Ragtime, to an equity stage manager that is on a close personal relationship basis with the likes of Audra McDonald, Susan Stroman, Harvey Fierstien, Patrick Wilson, etc. He actually dines with these people, and they call him. I know, who cares. It's just, I'm so proud of him. He worked his way up, and made a life for himself there. He lives on Times Square, he has loads of money, and he's just so unaffected by it all. He loves his life, and his nasty dirty gym sex, and he's so giving and well, I just love him. So, he called last night, we caught up. I love when I get to go to NYC, 'cause he's the best host ever. He drags me around the city, takes me out, gets me show tickets for free and backstage tours. It's fab. Love to Steviee. He had nothing of import to talk about, just wanted to discuss how much he HATES Mama Mia, and then went on a 30 minutes diatribe about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and how it's his new favorite restaraunt. THAT was a bit much, but I still love him.

OK, back from the kindees, they're so cute, especially when you bribe them with suckers. Honestly, who knew a teeny tiny dum dum could have so much power. Frankly, I don't even like those pretend wanna be suckers, but the kids sure do. We played music alphabet scrabble today...good times.

This weekend was sooooo fabulous! Friday Jer took my bro. to the Suns game, 'cause he got free tickets through his agent. Jer is NOT a sports man, let's be honest, I AM! I LOVE basketball, enjoy Sports Center a whole lot, don't mind baseball, etc. Had I known the seats were in the leather, we're the cool rich people section, I would have gone. Anyway, he went just to see his friend sing the Nat'l Anthem. So, they stayed until halftime. In the meantime, I went furniture shopping with my sis. in law. She picked up a copule of pieces in the scratch and dent at Levitz. I bring lots o' business to my friendly salesman Justin there. Anywho, after that, Jer picked me up and we went and hung out at our favorite friends, Ive and Jens house. They are good times, good people. We watched their tape of the Apprentice, Friends and Will & Grace. I laughed all over again at Joeys "girls on bread" comment. Seriously, THAT is comedy. Saturday we literally stayed in our pj's ALL day, didn't do a dang thing. Ok fine, I threw in a couple loads of laundry. But, other than that, NOTHING. It was soooo great! We watched a movie, we hung out, we talked, nothing else. I think we finally got ready when he had to go to work. I ran some errands, and then babysat Tater tot, since it was my bros. birthday. Tater was oh so cute, she just keeps getting cuter. Well, she was cute until my sis. Jenny came over, and for some reason Tater is freaked out by her. So, then she was pissed and scared and not nearly as fun for the rest of the evening.

Sunday my true sinner colors came out in full force. Instead of going to church, the freaking cleaning bug FINALLY hit. I cleaned my house from top to bottom, sweated like a pig and felt glorious!!!! Our house looks so fabulous!! In honor of that, I threw in a lasagna and invited Jen and Troy over for some din din. We had a spanking good time, nice dinner, I made an amazing salad, if I do say so myself. Then, we had some after dinner game time, "scene it" it was fun, I was not so good. Jere kicked butt, that was fun. Then a little dessert, chatty, chat and they were on their way. When the house was totally cleaned up to my liking, and we'd watched a movie, Jer and I made our way to the bedroom for some GOOOOOOOOOOD times! Sometimes, he amazes me. Enough said!!!

CRAP! First graders are here. Blast them all.

PHEW! Another day I got through, pulling everything outta my bum! Now, just gotta make it through tomorrow, and then another blessed four days 'til it all starts again. I REALLY MUST get organized. I can make it through this year, I know I can. And I'll be so happy at the end, knowing I won't be back. WA HOO!!!

Monday was no school, it was glorious. I got up, got ready, did some pickup around the house, checked some things online. Went down to Mc cool to practice with one of my students for her Jr. Miss number, went to my bros. house to work on the deposit for mom and dad and pay their bills. I was really late this month, oopsy. I still need to transfer a vERY large chunk of money from their checking account to one of their investment accounts. I went to Wal-mart and picked up some necessities, and then came home to enjoy some down time before my students showed up. Luckily the first student didn't show, so I only had three yesterday.

Ok, this is getting far to long and I haven't even talked about American Idol. For crying out loud! I had to tape it, since I was teaching at the time. I'm sad, I'll have to tape it EVERy single week, ugh! Well, the tape was worth it, 'cause there were some freaky dekies out there. Is anyone with me on this one. I thought the very first girl that came in, the Army chick; I thought she was adorable. And not only was her personality cute, she had a beautiful voice. I really liked it. And I'm not gonna lie, it pissed me off when Simon told her she was terrible. What was he thinking? Then, they tell that 16 yr. old from Bulgaria that she was fabulous and sent her to Hollywood. I so don't get it. Kinda scared by the Japanese army guy who rapped in Japanese, even more scared by the hideous scat girl that attempted Route 66. All in all, I thought there was som funny editing. Can't wait to see the next two nights.

Anywho, after a long and lovely day, I finally retired at midnight. My charming other half didn't pile into bed until FOUR a.m. What is UP with that? I unfortunately was wide awake at that time, and I was getting up in one hour. UGH! Needless to say, I'm tired as hell today, but then, what else is new? I only wish that I wasn't teaching until 9:00 tonight, THAT makes me sad! Ah well, more money i s'pose.

Seven hours later I'm done typing this thing and you're done reading! I must sign off, school is over, I must go to the potty before the meeting.


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