January 21, 2004 | 3:11 p.m.
<- For Eden, my assessment ->

With the strains of the final scene in Finding Nemo in the background, I sit down to write this one FOR EDEN!

My assessment on AI last night. Whell, Atlanta was seriously lacking some talent. SERIOUSLY! Oh back up, scooter girl was A for adorable, and a good voice to boot. The first girl to sing last night, the reddish/pink hair girl, super cute personality as well, and grand voice. I enjoy her, but hten again, I enjoyed the Vanessa chick from last year that got booted on the first night from the top 12. PIGS! I felt really bad for the guy last night that was horrible, and really believed he was good, and then cried in teh camer about how he guessed it just wasn't his time. AWWWWWW, sad. The freaky freak guy who wanted to share the goodness of his heart with the world, YIKES! He resembled a little to closely some guys I knew back in teh day. Oh wait, my best friend married one of those guys. Well, he wasn't as wierd as his friends, but still...they're the type to happily wear shirts with mathmatical equations on them and grow ugly beards and spout forth knowledge like they are some Zen Gods. OY! Peed my pants at the poor chick who whipped off her sweat pants to reveal one very frightening look of spandex shorts and leg warmers. Her musical stylings were even more humiliating, and the fact that she TRULY believed she was the "shit" made me feel even sadder and laugh even harder. I love this country, I truly do. Also, frightened by the big huge guy who had the mickey mouse high/gay voice who said that singing was his gift and he brought joy to people. He then proceeded to sing somewhere over the rainbow, or, well, he TRIED, and it was the most bizarre rendition EVER! yeah, classic TV. Eden I feel your pain on choosing between Apprentice and AI, this is hard decision time. Sadly, I teach during them, so I have to tape one. UGH!!!!

My next thought is this, how does anyone have the energy or writing fortitude to write long, well thought out, funny or insightful entries EVERY day? I just don't get it. I s'pose I just don't have that many spare neurons. Neurons, I love that word, makes me think of Bring it On. Go Eliza Dushku.

So, on that note, I must run. I'm pantless and my unfavorite student is on her way right now! UGH! Only a few more hours and I'll be free for the night, and then one more day before freedom weekend. Which actually won't be all that free. I get to be a sight reading judge for regionals this weekend. Go me, how fun! I'm so excited, AND I get paid. So, that'll take up my whole friday night and allllll day saturday. Then Sat. night is Jr. Miss, and I must support my students involved.

Peace out!

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