January 25, 2004 | 10:59 p.m.
<- A LIST, go figure!!! ->

I was reading erlenweg6's diary and she had this list. I simply copied and pasted it and put in my own answers. Mostly because I'm just not clever enough, nor do I care to be to make up my own questions/list. So, because everyone in the world is DYING to know these hundred things, here goes. Oh dear, this could take awhile, thus preempting my Golden Globes diatribe. I'll save it for another entry.


01. I NEVER drink diet pop, in fact I almost never drink pop/soda at all.

02. I spend more money than I really ever should, mostly on going out. I'm NOT a shopper, unless it's buying house things.

03. I love to read.

04. I love many things about my life, and feel there are many other changes I need to make to fully LOVE my whole life.

05. I like broccoli.

06. I have a good relationship with my mom. I love her and respect her tremendously, and yet there has always been some part of me that holds back. But, she's awesome, she really is.

07. I have plenty of regrets, but I know I can't change the past.

08. I've worn glasses since 8th grade, and contacts since I was 20. However, my prescription didn't change for 6 years, and then the last two visits, my eyes have actually improved. Go figure.

09. I hate cooking, I find no joy in working my butt off, to only have it all eaten in 5 minutes. I never cook, and I feel guilty about that for my husbands sake.

10. I detest cats, I think they are vile, hair shedding, hairball barfing creatures. AND they stink.

11. I wouldn't mind owning a dog, so long as it was a completely outdoor dog.

NO animals in my house, EVER!

12. My husband is of German and Swedish descent.

13. My parents live in Honduras, fulfilling a three year church mission; they'll be home in July.

14. I have several favorite colors, greens, periwinkle, purple.

15. My favorite job ever is teaching voice. Someday my favorite job will be being a STAY AT HOME Mom.

16. For being a music theatre major and a teacher of music, I'm pathetic when it comes to listening or knowing any. I HATE the radio, and I don't like listening to cd's very often. But when I do, there are several styles that I enjoy.

17. I like to spend a lot of time by myself.

18. I am embarrassed to admit I watch WAY to many hours of HGTV. ANd, that I'm addicted to People and Entertainment Weekly magazines.

19. I want to travel to Europe (all over) and then to Hawaii.

20. I don't take "official" naps often, but when I do, it's a good thing. I do however fall asleep all the time anywhere, anytime, sitting, standing, whatever. But, it's not for long and it's not restful.

21. One of my favorite meals is my Moms 7 layer salad with her AMAZING bran muffins.

22. I HATE sushi, couldn't pay me to eat it.

23. I like iced tea, but I don't drink it.

24. I used to be a secretary.

25. My biggest vice is food.

26. I consider myself somewhat intuitive.

27. Iím not an artist, as in painter, drawing, visual, etc. But I SURE wish I was.

28. I have eight nephews and six nieces.

29. I don't use birth control because I unfortunately don't need it. Female issues prevent me from getting pregnant without intervention.

30. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

31. One of my brothers died in a car accident nearly 4 years ago.

32. My husband is clever enough to have his own website.

33. I play piano, but would LOVE to learn how to play guitar.

34. I miss parts of my past, the parts where I was totally carefree and didn't have all the adult responsibility. I miss certain aspects of past relationships, but overall wouldn't trade where I am for them.

35. I almost never vote. I know, shoot me.

36. I am not near as wealthy as I'd like to be. But, is anyone?

37. I have always been registered as a Republican.

38. I am self-conscious about my size.

39. My parents have been married 39 years and counting. They're amazing.

40. Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.

42. I've never seen "Sex and the City".

43. I do some banking online, but I still need to have contact with the bank once in awhile to feel like all is well.

44. I've never been a nailbiter.

45. I send in my publishers clearinghouse stuff every time.

46. I love having a fire (in the fireplace) so long as it's not real wood, but those burning logs. It's too hot in AZ to have REAL wood fires.

47. I won the city championship swim meet when I was six years old, setting a city record in freestyle.

48. I swam competitively for 13 years.

49. I enjoy instant messaging. I think it's a fabulous way to converse with those I love that aren't nearby.

50. I drive a Hyundai Sonata, LOVE it.

51. My favorite musical of all times is a tie between Secret Garden and Ragtime.

52. Iím a Christian/LDS.

53. Iím somewhat intelligent, but I have a serious lack of math skills.

54. I procrastinate A LOT, in fact I dare say I'm the queen of it.

55. I am deeply in love with my husband, even though he stresses me out and confuses me at times.

56. I think Ellen Degeneres is hysterical.

57. Ocassionaly I like to pull out crayons and coloring books and color.

58. I Love silliness, for I can be a very silly person.

59. I'm not computer savy at all.

60. My house is always picked up and orderly.

61. I don't ever want to go to school again, even though I know I need to get my Masters degree. Boo hoo!

62. I always strive to do whatís right, even when itís not easy.

63. I overreact about things A LOT. I just tend to be moody.

64. I surround myself with really great people.

65. I rarely remember my dreams.

66. I'm going to Price is Right with my sisters and inlaws in February.

67. I like silly people.

68. I love getting hand written letters.

69. I've only been to about 4 concerts in my life. I AM going to Clay Aiken though!

70. I got a degree in Music Theater. I am a good performer.

71. I like buying household decorations and doing improvements.

72. I should lotion my entire body every single day. I forget.

73. I love my friends.

74. I need to learn to say no.

75. I'm far to self conscious to dance! I wish I weren't.

76. Every three years we have a HUGE family reunion, I love them.

77. Iím not a very goal oriented person, I wish I were.

78. Angie is my best friend in the whole world, I miss her.

79. I have never been arrested.

80. I wish I could get pregnant easily so we could start having a family of our own.

81. I have a HUGE crush on George Clooney and Clay Aiken.

82. I have huge, hideous boobs.

83. I graduated in the top 20% of my highschool.

84. I don't like the smell of asphalt.

85. I LOVE Broadway shows, and New York.

86. I went on an 18 mo. mission to Indiana for my church.

87. I worry way to much, about everything.

88. I once lived in a one bedroom "hovel" in Indiana, just me, my friend and the roaches.

89. I have a good eye for home decorating.

90. I tend to be easily annoyed by a lot of things. I'm working on that.

91. I took the same performance class five times in college, simply because it was fun and I loved it.

92. I love spending time with my family (brothers and sisters), they're all my favorite people. We can talk about anything.

93. I used to be a far more generous person. I found so much joy in giving presents of all kinds. I think I'm more selfish now.

94. Having a summer home in the woods sounds wonderful to me.

95. I had a hippy grandma that wore nothing but giant caftans and long ponytails my whole life, she scared me. Consequently, I have only one grandparent that I ever formed any kind of relationship of caring with, and that's my g'pa that divorced the freaky hippy grandma.

96. I always appreciate honesty, even if the truth sometimes hurts.

97. I like to help people.

98. I like my job teaching voice, because I create my own schedule and generally have a lot of free time in the early part of the day.

99. I think of buying stuff for people ALL the time, just because I know they like certain things. Unfortunately, the logical part of my brain takes over and I don't spend the money.

100. I'm glad this is done!

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