January 30, 2004 | 12:19 p.m.
<- It's my birthday....REALLY ->

Today.......is my birthday. Yes, yes, it is true. I am officially 31 years old. How this happened I'm unsure, but happen it did. So far, it's been delightful. At midnight my Jer gave me a card, wishing my a happy day, and all it said inside was a giant 31. I laughed. Then, this morning when I decided to grace the world with my presence (10:28 exactly) I walked into the bathroom in search of the tweezers, and they were missing. I asked him where they were, he said...in the bedroom. There in teh back bedroom were my tweezers, my mirror and another card. How cute is he. This card was very shweet, telling me how much he loves me. Inside was my Clay Aiken ticket, woo hoo! So, I plucked, got some e-mail read and chatted a bit, then went to eat breakfast. Jer ran out to take a cd to school and then go to Best Buy and buy himself something with our Christmas gift card. I wrote my Dad a birthday letter, seeing as we share this fine day o' birth. Then I read all my favorite diaries and now I'm here. Plans for the day include, a pedicure, my hair colored and cut and then an evening out with my hot man, on the town. Don't know, probably just dinner and a movie. Oh yeah, and I wanna go find something new to wear. I'm sick of the same three outfits, no, I really am!

In other news: I really should not be allowed to watch reality TV anymore. I become far to emotionally involved. Now I'm angry with The Apprentice. I'm just so mad that the guys keep losing, because I don't think they deserve to. I think the women are hoochies that just use their boobies to win competitions. Seriously. So, I was REALLY sad when Bowie got booted last night. Boo hoo!!! AND, Nick pissed me off! Also, on American Idol, I was PISSED when Simon didn't let that Rodrigo guy go through. That guy was not only hot, but REALLY good! So what, he said he'd give money to charity, last I checked this was a competition to see if someone could sing. I didn't realize they added an interview portion. WHATEVER!!!!!!! And also, sorry if I offend any "little" people out there. But I was also bugged at how SWEET and overly nice Simon was to the midget girl. Just because she's all little doesn't mean she's not like everyone else. She was NOT that good a singer, and didn't deserve to go through, but hello there she is, going through to the next round, 'cause she's all tiny and cute. I don't know, it was just buggy. Now, on Bachelorette, I did agree with her decisions, except Ryan M., who I think is a total assmunch! For reals, he's annoying as all get out and so freakin full of himself, UGH! I like Ian, he's my pick. And that is my REality rundown. I think that should be a new feature here....Reality Rundown with Ally. Ok, you talked me into it, I'll do it. Besides HGTV, those are the only things I watch on TV, and I have to watch them taped, since I'm always teaching during their regularly scheduled time.

Went to Gilberts Jr. Miss last night, had to watch one of my students do her talent. We've worked on it for months, and I blocked it for her. She's really talented, but she got a big nervous up there. It wasn't bad, in fact it was still pretty good, but she was a little stiff. Oh well. I love Jr. Miss, even though sometimes the talent is seriously lacking, actually comical at times, I still love it. Those girls are so brave and so accomplished and they put themselves so on the line.

Whell, I really must hit the shower. I haven't shaved my legs in like two weeks, and frankly, it's scaring me! I just never have time, nor the energy to expend in doing it. But, today I shall conquer, afterall, it's a special day, it's my birthday!!!

Have a good one! I know I will!

One more thing, just go read THIS diary, 'cause she's hilarious and always writes the LONGEST, wittiest entries!

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