February 01, 2004 | 6:44 p.m.
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Ok, time to catch up! It's Superbowl Sunday, and quite frankly, I don't give a flying rats about the Superbowl. I do however enjoy the commercials. Anyone see the guy and girl in the sleigh, and the horse up and farts in the girls face. Oh my GOSH!!!! THAT was comedy. But, I digress. Let's go back to my birthday.

So, it was a very relaxed, laid back day. After I lazed around, I headed over to Lanners house for my day o' beauty. First she colored my hair its smashing red/brown, then she cut it and styled it. I had her cut it a little bit different, no more a-line, little more layering on the top, shorter bang, thin the bottom. It looks goooooooooood. THEN she did a long pedicure and painted my toes my FAVOORITE color of China Glazes Slow Kiss. Well FINALLY it was finished, I felt satisfied enough with my look to actually go out. Little did I know the wheels that had been set in motion by my clever little husband. After I got dressed, all my bros. and sis. and in-laws, plus our friends J&B met us at Charlestons for dinner. It was so fun, just being with everyone, laughing and talking. WE had a racious dinner conversation about our "porn" names. In our neck of the woods we say to get your porn name you use your first pets name, plus the street you grew up on. My name is Pixie Sixth, and Jers is Buster First. Ok, admit it, THAT is a funny name. So then, we made up a fake porn, ok, it was all so wrong, and in poor taste and crude, but really, really funny. So, after eating WAY to much and feeling fatter than I already am (if that's possible) we all waddled outside. Everyone was like, so what are we doing next. I didn't know, and I wasn't sure I felt like a movie or anything, but I didn't know. Then, next thing I know, everyone was saying, well we already called our babysitter, 'cause we didn't know what we were doing, so we have to go. Jere was acting wierd, and saying he just wanted to go home and be with me. That is so NOT like him. So, we bid adieus and got in the car. As we were heading down the road Jer got all freaked, and said he'd forgotten something important for my b-day at his friend Stephanies house. Now, I'm no dummy, but I can play one when needs be. I didn't know for sure what he had up his sleeve, but I clearly knew there was something, and it had to do with a secret plan with someone else. Long story short, after some cryptic phonecalls, and a stop at the store for some martinellies we were on our way. Lucky for him, I was sooooooo tired, in my food coma and I could hardly keep my eyes open. So, I slept on the drive, finally putting my seat back and resting. He's so lucky. Next thing i know we're pulling into the parking lot of something that looks suspiciously like a hotel. I'm so Sherlock Holmes, 'cause jinkies, it WAS a hotel, a luxury 4 star resort in Chandler. He had packed an overnight bag, and thought of everything. We walked into the room and there were candles burning, flowers out, the bathtub full of bubblebath. It was all very sweet and romantic. He had sent P&L ahead to do the dirty work, and apparently we'd JUST missed them, they were running out of the room as we pulled up. AGAIN, soo lucky i was in food coma mode. So, Jer was so proud of himself and truly so excited to do this for me. I OWED him a good time didn't I? HAHAHAHA Just kidding. He was gonna get some and HOW! He even remembered to bring my new nighty. So, while he went to get ice, I got ready, he came back, we got busy. It was fabulous! He's so good to me in the sex department, he really is. I have no complaints. After that we had such a nice evening of just hanging out, drinking our Martinellis, talking, reading, sleeping. We got up the next morning, cleaned up and headed home. I did nothing all day, finally getting ready around 4:00 so I could get some shopping done. I needed to find a t-shirt to iron on my saying for the Price is Right. I found a couple pairs of capris, a pair of pants, some terry warmup capris and some t-shirts, OH and some super cute red shoes. Everything was on sale, which was nice. Even still, it was expensive, 'cause once again...I'm FAT! Fat women have to pay more for clothes and it's a pisser! Needless to say, even though i found a few ok things, it put me in a foul mood. A fould mood for TWO reasons, 1:I spent money and that makes me have a pit in my stomach, 2: It serves as a reminder of how huge and icky I am, and finding things that look good is impossible. So, now in my new fould mood, I went to pick Jer up so we could go hang out with our fabulous friends G & J. They are seriously the funnest, greatest people. Ok, so I was in a BAD mood and that made Jer made, and it wasn't looking good. But I made a snap decision and got over myself. Thank goodness, 'cause it was a FUN night!

We went to dinner at this little place that had NOONE in it. There was ONE guy running the bar, all the tables, everything. I felt bad for him, but he kept up for th emost part. However, my nachos sucked, I'm not gonna lie. We did have great dinner conversation...I love G&J because ONLY with them do we discuss religion, literature, art, politics, you name it. And they're both so smart and well read. I just have a great vocabulary, so I SEEM really smart, hahahahahah! After dinner we went and got some Baskin Robins and then back to their house for chit chat. I kid you not, NO stop in conversation for 5 hours. It was so enterataining, hilarious, fun, enlightening, etc. By the end of the night, Jer brought up his online diary, and "ding ding" their curiosity got piqued. Next thing we know, we've set up diaries for both of them. I can't wait to read their entries. To think, I so innocently began on this journey because of Eden, now I've got 7 people with diairies, either directly or indirectly because of me. Hmmm, how fun.

Well, at 3:15 we finally came home this morning, and fell into bed for a good snooze. I'm so proud, I got up first thing this monring and got right into the shower. I was ready WAY early for church, so I could clean up around the house, mess around on the computer, etc. We were at church 15 minutes early, MIRACLE!! Made it through church, came home, put on the pj's, ate something, and hung out for awhile before coming over to P&L's for dinner and company. Tom and Joy are here, and ::sniff, sniff:: they're moving in a couple of weeks and we're gonna miss t hem soooooo much! So, that's the haps. This entry is WAY to long. I'm gonna sign off now.

Ciao friends!

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