February 04, 2004 | 7:50 a.m.
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So much to talk about, no time right now. I'm listening to the sound of all the 3rd graders outside my door. Their classrooms are directly across from mine. I love the sound of all the children in the morning, excited for a new day of school, of life. They all laugh and play and talk with eachother, I have to admit, it's a fun and soothing sound to my ear. They've just shut the gates, soon the teachers should take them in, then the morning announcements. After the announcements, I go to pick up the morning kindegartners for music. After their class I have a 1/2 break, I'm seriously considering a nap. Holy COW! I am sooooooooo tired. I resorted to screaming on different pitches in the car on the way here. I was really falling asleep, and it was scaring me. More sleep, MORE SLEEP!

BREAKING NEWS BULLETAIN!!!!! A mouse has been discovered in our house. Ummmmm, there are no words to describe the utter fear, horror and terror that courses through my body at the mere mention of those words....mouse IN MY house. Jer saw it last night, it ran across our kitchen COUNTER (I'm going to barf) and down into the stove. Is anyone as horrified as I am here? The simple mention of that has shattered my entire feeling of safety and well being in my own home. I could barely walk through the kitchen, and I certainly refused to get up in the middle of the night for my nightly pee. I can't stand this. So, the call is in to the exterminator, I want the poison lock boxes, 'cause no glue trap is gonna do it for me. The only thing more horrifying than a live mouse running through my house is having to see a dead one and dispose of it. With the boxes, they go inside and die. BOO HOO HOO, it makes me so creeped out to think of it running on the counter. Jer was so freaked he left the house until I got home from Cali. I love my husband, but when it comes to anything like that, he's almost more of a girl than I am. Tragic but true.

Anyway, gotta run, more update later.

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