February 05, 2004 | 11:17 p.m.
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THE PRICE IS RIGHT IS CANCELLED! Those were the words that greeted me when I opened up my e-mail Monday afternoon. With those six words, we'd been unceremoniously dumped from Burbank and the land of many prizes. At first I thought it must be some joke, a mistake, a cruel trick. Sadly, such was not the case, the e-mail was real, the show was really cancelled for the week of Feb 2-5, due to the fact that Bob Barker had the flu...doctors orders, stay in bed. No lie, the flu! Damn that Bob Barker, damn him!!! So, with the news on my shoulders, it was my duty to spread it to my unsuspecting sisterhood. First I told D, the oldest, she nearly fainted on the spot. All she could muster was, "Nooooo, my mind is already set on it." Of course it was, it was going to be one tiny vacation day from her horrifically busy and twisted life. Then I had to get a hold of the sis in laws, each were duly depressed. But, through it all, I was up and pep talking them on why we were still going, we HAD to go. Last to learn was sister J, the other teacher, she was truly depressed, as was youngest sister whose plan it was orignally that got us going there. So, to make a long story a little less long, this news came only hours before we were to leave for the airport. We discussed, we decided, the trip was still on. I mean, our flights were non-refundable, so what good did it do us not to go. So, with our overnight bags in hang, we piled into the suburban and headed to the airport. Thankfully I have really skinny sis in laws, so I sat next to them on the plane, no trauma. The flight was uneventful, it was raining in LA when we got there. The man at dollar rent a car figured out how cool we were and gave us a smokin discount on the car. He took 50 bucks off, YEAH BABY! Then we piled into our rented Jeep Cherokee and headed out onto the big, bad, scary streets of Los Angeles. Thankfully big sis D is a master driver and I was a decent navigator. AFter a few missteps, we found our way onto the freeway heading toward Burbank. It was raining, traffic was ridiculously slow, and we were all STARVING. Finally we saw a sign for Ventura Blvd. and we took it. The first thing we came upon was the Galleria in Sherman Oaks I believe, and a big beautiful Cheesecake Factory. We waddled our tired tooshies in the door and enjoyed a fabulous late dinner. We didn't find our way to our hotel until after 10:00 p.m. It was fun though, just us girls, gabbing, laughing. Hi, we even got a noise complaint from some uptight loser in the room next door. May I remind you, we were NOT that loud. There was no drinking, there was no partying, no music, just 5 girls talking with occassional bursts of laughter. So, I gave the room next door the proverbial finger, and we continued our chat. But,I was with a bunch of woosy mommies who all go to bed early at night, so they were out by midnight. I slept on the roll away bed, it was a bit like a trampoline. I'd never experienced anything quite like it. After what seemed like HOURS and HOURS of laying in bed and sometimes sleeping, I got up, only to discover it was 2 freaking a.m. Then, after going back to bed and being SURE that it was now LATE in the morning, got up to discover it was 7:45. At this point we all got up and began the process of getting ready. We decided to go to Universal Studios and spend the day there. Now I have one thing to say about this place......lame. Seriously, it's so lame. However, we did have fun, and this is why....1: The five us were just enjoying the time away from life reality, and being together, and 2: there was NOONE there, so we didn't have to wait for anything at all. I'm telling you now, if I had gone there during "peak" season and had to wait longer than 1 minute for ANYTHING in that "park" I would have been pissed. The weather was beautiful ALL day, until it rained, and Beetlejuice LOVED us. He kept finding us all over the park and chatting with us. Seriously, I found out he's from Manhattan, he's been working there for 9 years, he's been on Friends, Drew Carrey, Scrubs, he lived in Puerto Rico for awhile, got married and divorced there, was a Chip 'n Dale dancer there, starting salary for a character at Universal Studios is $45,000.00 plus benefits, you name it, I learned it. He was cool, he clearly loves his job, he wouldn't be there that long if he didn't, it was just funny. For the record, is anyone interested in knowing there is a Spider man Rocks musical there. yeah, it scared me too. After a delightful day at the park, we headed out for LAX. I must say, we were again impressive in finding our way around that MESS of a freeway system. The traffic was vile, but somehow we managed to get back to the airport on time. WE only had one little misstep, but it was minor. Oh, and did I also mention that our hotel ended up being free? yeah, my bro. is a traveling man, so he had lots of "points" earned, which made for nice free stay for us. The flight home was FABULOUS! There were seriously about 20 people on the whole plane. So, I had my own whole row, there was NOONE sitting in the 12 rows behind me. It was so great! It was a fun day away, but nice to come home, even if there was the tragic mouse news (see previous entry).

Got through Wed. at school and then had a nice evening at home teaching. It all went quickly.

Today was nice, in spite of my continued fear of my kitchen and the evil mouse that somewhere lurks. I started a new student, ended early 'cause two were out of town, and watched parts of Chicago with another. She is the FUNNIEST girl, and all she wanted to do was watch that video, since she's never seen it. Her Mom won't let her. I k now, I should feel guilty about this, but she IS nearly 17 AND I only showed her a couple of the musical numbers, one of which she is singing. Ok, so I'm a horrible person, shoot me!

Checked the bank account this afternoon, it was overdrawn ALOT! I was PISSED and freaking out! Seems Jers little romantical birthday getaway was very ill advised. He failed to take into account our bank account. So, it made it overdrawn and because I hadn't checked in a few days, the account incurred overdraft fees for several days totalling over a 100 dollars. Yeah, NOT HAPPY!!!!!!! I HATE money, I hate, hate, hate, HATE it! Luckily I had some in savings, but not much, and Jer got paid today, as did I. But still, that only covers some of the bills, still gotta figure out how to pay the rent and stuff.

Well, weetabix did a great entry on all her reality tv addictions, you should check it out. However she TOTALLY missed the Apprentice HOW can you miss that show? Really Weet you MUST add it the the arsenal. And furthermore, how bout that Bachelorette? I like Meredith, I really do. And I think Ian is totally dreamy, though a bit shady. I'm not liking the tone of the previews I'm seeing, nope, not liking them a bit! Oh, and as I was perusing the People magazine in Wal-Mart this evening, there was a pic of Shaun from Average Joe Hawaii. Apparently, he was so traumatized by his experience there, and embarrassed by his weight, that he left the show and went home and lost 70 lbs. in 6 months. GO SHAUN!!!! Oh that I could be so inspired and motivated. Oh, and one more thing, lest we forget EXTREME MAKEOVER Hello, that show is amazing. Tonight was a man and woman getting married, it was sweet. Yeah, I'm a reality junky.

And finally in LATE BREAKING NEWS: If you don't all set your date books for Saturday night and SNL you're IDIOTS! Excuse me while I catch my breath and gain some composure here, but ummmmmm, CLAY AIKEN is the musical guest and freakin Megan Mulally from Will & Grace is the host. HELLO, does it get any better than that? No, I THOUGHT not! I nearly peed the couch when I saw that. Speaking of the couch, Jer is peeing it right now reading his book. And furthermore, I need to clean my whole house because one of my favoritest friends is in town from Indiana and is visiting me tomorrow. YEA for friends!!!!

Peace to all!

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