February 21, 2004 | 10:56 a.m.
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Good Saturday morning one and all. This is my way of procrastinating the kitchen cleaning for a little bit longer. Actually, I'm s'posed to be at a babyshower right now, but I just am NOT up to it. I had a HORRIBLE night of sleep, getting up every couple hours to deal with Aunt Flo and coughing, and being unable to breathe through my nose. UGH! I finally fell asleep around 7:40 for a solid 2 1/2 hrs. that felt good. Now I'm up for the day, but too late for the shower. Call me lazy, call me lame, call me a bad friend, whatever, she'll get over it and the baby will STILL get a present.


Jer called in a panic this morning leaving me this message about how he just didn't know what to wear, and he needed my second opinion, and hwere was I when he needed me. It was funny actually. When I could get to the phone and call him back I reassured him that he simply couldn't look stupid, and then told him to wear the jeans. He gets sooo uptight about auditions. But, here's hoping that it goes well, and he feels good about it. It's snowing there, so here's hoping he drives safely in it, yikes!


I spent HOURS yesterday over at our friends house helping them paint. They just signed on it yesterday and move in today, so they wanted the major painting completed. I must say, Lala, Towassi, J and I kicked some serious tail! In a little less than 4 hours we'd painted the whole kitchen, the family room and all the halls. All the tape was off, switch plates put back on and it was move in ready. When I left, my bro. had shown up and he was putting up the blinds, Towassi was putting up the ceiling fan and they were getting ready to paint the master bedroom, then it'd all be done. I just HAD to go home. Something is wrong with me. I don't know what it is, and unfortunately I can't really go to the Dr. to find out, since we have NO INSURANCE! But, something doesn't feel right in my lower abdomen. I'm a little worried, but I'm trying not to stress about it. Not to mention, if I don't stop bleeding, I'm gonna scream! This has been going on for months now. So, I came home, washed my face and just layed on the couch to let my body relax. I almost immediately went comatose, but I caught a bit of Divine Design and Debby Travis Makeover. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer and stumbled to bed. Thus starting the horrid night of intermitent sleep.


I have a feeling today I might never make it to the shower, that is IF I ever get to cleaning and accomplishing that. It sounds painful though, since my body is rebelling. UGH! Ok, enough about that, it makes for depressing reading for me.


Still need to plan what I'm teaching the kids this week. HELP!

Well, ok then, I'm gonna be on my merry way. However, I'm QUITE saddened and disappointed that NOONE but Joyce has told me how great my new layout is, or that they've EVEN seen it. C'mon, make a fat girl feel good!!!


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