February 24, 2004 | 2:40 p.m.
<- Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance RULES! And so do I for that matter ->

I made it through, what a relief. Only one more day this week here at school, and then it's March, and then only 2 weeks before SPRING BREAK! Holy CRAP, I'm excited!

Ok, first things first, I MUST mention the finale of My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance , how GREAT was that? I mean, I felt HORRIBLE for her family the whole time that they were dying and hurting 'cause she was marrying the freak show known as Steve, but the ending was so great. I LOVED his whole little speech about their family unity and love, etc. And THEN, the fact that they got a cool Million between them, how FABULOUS! Yeah, her dad was all, it shouldn't be abou the money, but then when he knew he was getting 500 thou, he was A-ok with it all. And may I state for the record that I think Randi looked BEAUTIFUL. I thoroughly enjoy the Steve actor guy, maybe because he fits in the category my husband and I like to call "there's a job you lost out on". Whenever we see a fat guy on a commercial, tv show or whatever, we say that to eachother, 'cause Jer is a really good looking fat guy, with personality and spunk. He MUST get an Ebay commercial, he was born for it. But, I digress. My point is, it was a happy ending, and I was crying and so glad I saw it. This brings me to Average Joe does anyone love Fredo as much as I do? He fully reminds me of one of my friends, sans the nasty hair situation. I was so glad he got to see the real side o' the shallow ho that is Larissa. Good for him for leaving, however, I wish he would have stuck around and bitch slapped her. Oh well, no such luck. Also, is anyone else as shocked as I am that Brian from Boston is STILL around? I gotta admit, on night one, I physically cringed at his arrival, bad three stooges do and all. However, he's got himself a little makeover and he's looking decidedly more suaveA these days. Still, I'm surprised he made it all this way. However, I'm rootin for him, because dangit, I love me an average Joe. Screw the pretty boys, screw them all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA to Jim, the total pretty boy lacking ANY personality or intelligence. I LOVED that she'd ask him a question and all he'd do is kiss her or stroke her in some way to divert her attention. Props to her for seeing that there was NOTHING to him and booting is sorry arse. I must say, a little disappointed that he's from my beloved state. Why can't AZ ever be properly represented. We're really an awesome state, i swear it. Like, this gets me going, why the crap doesn't American Idol ever stop in Phoenix. This state is OVERRUN with AMAZING talent, crap, in my friend pool alone there are better, more amazing singers and entertainers than I've seen thus far this season. Speaking of which, tonight is the pen salesmans turn to sing, I hope he does well, I REALLY want him to. Vote for pen man, just do it! Wow! This has been ALL over the place, good grief. My point is, Reality TV was entertaining last night, as it usually is. I'm gonna be sad when I have nothing to watch on Monday nights, or Wednesday nights, since Bacherlorette is picking her man on Wed. Guess I'll just have to sit back and wait for Adam returns, CAN'T WAIT, and then hope and pray CBS brings back the GREATEST show ever THE AMAZING RACE It MUST return, it has to, why this isn't bigger than stupid survivor I'll never know! Anyway, my diatribe on reality tv is officially over.


It's the end of the day, school kids are coming in my room to wait for their rides home. I need to go to the lu, have a staff meeting, then lessons until 7:45 and then finally HOME! I will be so happy to be home and to sleep!


Went to Yoko Bowl for lunch, not duly impressed. I feel bad, I brought soup for lunch, but then my sis was in real need of getting away, so I succumbed to the peer pressure. Anyway, it wasn't good, well the crab puffs were good, but that's all. On a scale of 1 - 5, it ranked a lowly 2.5.


WHAT IS UP with ALL of these kids sitting dead silent at the END of the day, when they could talk? I don't get it?????? In my class they're freaking hyienas, but now they're angels. Oh the humanity!


Did I mention I bought a couple of Lemmony Snickett books yesterday at the book fair? Well I did, it's true. I've never read any of thsoe books, but I've heard they're quite good. So, here's to hoping I actually get them read. Ok FINE Jer I WON'T read them until I've read freaking Angels and Demons. Get off my back! hehehe


So you know how I told my sis I wouldn't be working here next year? Well, I'm starting to actually feel a little sad. Not because I want to be teaching, but, now my other sister is gonna come teach 4th grade here and maybe my Mom will teach 6th. How fun would it be to have them around? Boo hoo! Oh well, I shall get over this when I'm still asleep at 8:00 in the morning and they're already dealing with crazy kids. Perhaps I'll sub when they need me, that'd keep me on my toes. Speaking of subbing, I got a call today to sub a class voice class at the college for the next two mondays. Unfortunately, I teach private students that night, and they're IMPOSSIBLE to reschedule with. So, I had to turn it down. Makes me sad, I like subbing at the college level, makes me feel oh so cool and grown up.


Well friends, it's been a chilly and wet few days here. Right now the door is open to my room and it's cold and I LOVE it! On that note, I must sign off and head to the tee tee room.

Love your illiosecal valve!!!

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