February 25, 2004 | 10:16 p.m.
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Did ANYONE cry as much as I did at the Bachelorette finale? I'm so freaking sure! I'm sitting at home, eating my pudding on pins and needles, because I liked EACH of the guys for SOOOO different reasons. But seriously, I'm so lame! It BROKE my heart when she told Matt bye bye, and his SWEET response to her was amazing. I know, I know, he's gonna find some wonderful chick and be fine. He's over this by now, but for crying out loud, it was still sad. And then Ian....from the first night, I liked him. I thought he was sexy and sexy and well sexy. So, I rooted for him, but then I thought he was a bit shady, and little unstable. But, she kept him around, and seeing him with her family, and their last date, he became more real and more vulnerable, so I liked him again. And his response to her was sooooo great. He actually proposed, SHOCKER!!! So, I was crying again. It made me wanna grab my husband and go do naughty things. Unfortunately, he wasn't home. But, when he came in, I accosted him. Isn't love grand!? So, I fully realize I need a life, and shouldn't become so competely involved in someone elses TV life, but I can't help myself. I'm a very emotional and passionate person, and I wear ALL my emotions on my sleeve.

In other reality tv news, my girl Amy made it to the next level on American Idol. I was quite pleased. I have to say, thus far, I'm not very happy with the finalists, except Amy. I LOVED that that stupid little chicky Leah didn't even make the top three. Did ya see how pissed she was? And seriously, WHAT is up with her 80's wanna be clothes and hairstyles? I'm so not gettin it? I mean, the personalityless pen salesman made the top three, it was GREAT!!!!!!!!! So, at least ONE of my people I liked has made it through. I'm just not loving this season so far, there simply is NO Clay Aiken. Sigh, I do so love him.


Well, it's official, Jer got offered the job at Six Flags. He is to report on May 21st (HUGE RELIEF that its not March) and he'd be there 'til Sept. 6, possibly Nov. 6th. They guaranteed the hours and pay, though I think he should ask for more money, since they're wanting to not only make him the star of a show but a supervisor of all the other actors in it. So, we'll see what happens. I REALLY don't relish the thought of living by myself for 2 months before I can visit and live back there with him, and then living by myself for another 2 months. That is just SUCH a long time!!!!! But, if this fulfills his needs, AND helps us get out of debt somewhat, then I must go with it.


Almost the end of another week, so great, so great! Only like 8 lessons tomorrow and it's the weekend, WA HOO!! I gotta go to a play that one of my students is the lead in, then to a beauty paegent that another student is in, my 2nd graders play, my cousins wedding. SHEESH, BUSY weekend.


Well friends, I'm just wiped after my emotional bachelorette finale, so I won't write the whole entry about butt symphonies that I was going to. Really, you must go read weetabix's latest entry regarding this. I laughed my proverbial arse off!!!

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