February 27, 2004 | 12:42 a.m.
<- Just a fun little ditty ->

I stole this from flyinby and junipersday and thought it'd be fun. Go me. Or is it the fact that I'm feeling to lazy to actually formulate my own thoughts for a real entry. Yeah, it could definitely be that. I really have some funny things I want to talk about, but for now, my head says no.


First job: I worked in the back of my dads "factory" assembling electronic thingies. Unless you count babysitting, then THAT was my first job.

First screen name: Well, if you must know, I've only ever had ONE screenname, and it's still the same...allykatz. I'm not terribly original people, I never claimed to be.

First pet: I don't claim pets, their icky! But my family always had a dog, so in that case, I'll say it was Pixie the wonder mutt.

First big trip: Probably the big trek across the country for my uncles wedding in Boston. He married a REALLY rich girl, and the reception was at their mansion. My little sis and I were cool enough to break one of their glass patio tables. Yeah, we had so much class.

First concert: For being a musical person, I've never been much of a concert goer. I'm thinking that maybe my first concert was to see Bad English with my boyfriend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT is funny!

First Kiss: This depends on what counts. My first first kiss was probably with Damon in the alley while we played truth or dare. But, my first REAL kiss was when I was 16, with my boyfriend. I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. However, the NEXT time we kissed and every time after that, YUMMY!

First CD: Ok, embarrassed to say, I have NO idea. I probably own a sum total of 5 cd's as it is.


Last car ride: To and from the post office this afternoon.

Last movie watched: Part of Lion Kind 1 1/2

Last food consumed: YUMMY spaghetti that I actually made myself. Hey, this is big doins for me.

Last time showered: This morning at 11:00.

Last CD played: Again with me being the loser that doesn't listen to cd's.

Last ice cream eaten: Some heath bar concoction that was a store brand. Mmmmm ice cream, that sounds good.

Last website visited: My bank, not a good time.


Single or Taken: Taken

Sex: Female

Birthday: January 30, 1973

Sign: Aquarius

Siblings: 6

Hair color: Auburn/red

Eye color: Hazel

Shoe size: FREAKIN HUGE!

Height: 5' 10"


Wearing: Ratty holey pj bottoms that are my favorite to wear, 'cause they're the only thing I wear that doesn't make me feel as fat as I am. And my ridiculously huge t-shirt with my name printed on the back. It was free.

Drinking: Nothing, however, it's usually always water.

Thinking about: How tired I am, and my complete lack of desire to go wash my face.

Listening to: The ceiling fan making a pleasant white noise.

Current Mood: Mellow. Pleased with Erika getting the boot on Apprentice, tired, and yeah, that's about it.

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