March 02, 2004 | 1:24 p.m.
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Tuesday, in MARCH, ALREADY!!?? I can't stand it, time is moving along too quickly. I've been oh so lame about writing in here, sorry bout that. I only have a few minutes before the first graders arrive, only one more hour of school and then another day is done. After tomorrow, only one week before SPRING BREAK! I have NOTHING planned for break, other than to bask in the glory of not having to teach ONE lesson to anyone. Well that, and the mile high pile of filing I need to do, in behalf of the parentals. I've been paying the bills and just stacking the stubs and various mail for a year now. Yeah, can we say, a weeks project right there?? Plus, I need to figure out what to send for their taxes, and MY taxes. I'm so nervous about my taxes, I'm afraid I'll have to pay. Quite frankly, that'll suck the biggest of rocks if I do. I REALLY need a nice fat return. I can't stand the pool of debt we've put ourselves in. It's everything I swore I'd NEVER do. OY!!!!

Anyone watch the P.O.S television final called Average Joe? Oh my gash, Larissa the ho sooooo deserved what she got. I was traumatized for Brian, it was so incredibly sad. But the question remains, why was it such a big deal to Gil that she used to date Fabio? I mean really, WHO CARES? Frankly, the whole thing felt REALLY fake and staged. So, if anyone has any insights, please let a girl in on the info.

NEWFLASH!!! One month from today I will be trying to squeeze my large keister into a chair to enjoy a fabulous concert with Clay Aiken. YEA!!!!!!! I'm soo excited to see him live, I can hardly stand it! Speaking of Clay, tonight AI is on again, and once again, I don't care about anyone in this competition. Can we have last years contestants again please? Which brings me to yet another alum...anyone see the pic of Kimberly Locke in People? D-A-M she looks good. Girl has lost 20+ pounds and still going. I think she's so beautiful, and I'm so excited for her to put out an album. Furthermore, her ROOMMATE is Clay. How ridiculous is that, she lives with my secret husband.

Today and tomorrow are test days for my older classes. I'm so freaking nice, I did a review and pretty much gave them the answers if they'd only pay attention. It's amazing how much not paying attention went on. No really, they're doing well so far, only a few total lame heads that missed a bunch. The test covers bass and treble cleff, the letters that go on all the lines and spaces, beethoven, mozart and time signature. When I put it out there like that, it does seem like I AM teaching these kids SOMETHING now doesn't it.

Oh my gosh, I must report about my 2nd graders planet play, and my Miss America girl I coached for 6 months. Ok yeah, that'll have to be my next entry. As for now, mus go!


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