March 10, 2004 | 9:32 a.m.
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Two more things I meant to mention on my list perhaps.....

It has been incredibly HOT here for early March, and quite frankly, it's irritating!!!!! What is up with 92 degrees??? And just last week it was in the 60's. HELLO?

Next item of worth. I just discovered a diary yesterday that is so GREAT, and sadly the person hasn't written in it for over a year. I really wish they'd write more, because well, I just do. There is on particular entry that I thought was amazing. I would seriously take it and perform it as a monologue! Well, I was gonna be clever and link that exact entry, but I can't figure something out on this school computer. So, just go here I think it's maybe the 3rd to last entry.

Well, my 3rd graders are playing music hangman, and it's time to send them to lunch. ONE more class until Spring Break freedom!!!!!


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