March 10, 2004 | 8:53 a.m.
<- A list and some clever commentary ->

So, I've been lax about writing in here. It just seems like the days go by quicker than I can even think. I mean honestly...in a few short hours, I'll be free for ONE ENTIRE WEEK from school. I'm soooo excited about Spring Break I could scream!

There are many things to talk about, let me list them for fun, then maybe it'll help me focus on how to write it.

1. Omarosa's sorry arse is gone forever from The Apprentice...glory be!

2. In my urban world, there is a rooster. And as a side note, one of my students decided he'd like a chicken.

3. American Idol is NOT exciting me. Though Jon Peter Lewis and his Elvis dance last night was fun.

4. I'm auditioning for a show on Saturday, and my voice isn't cooperating.

5. Went back to ASU to see a show, LOVED the show, saw an old "friend", it was awkward. And in related news, an old professor informed me that my old voice teacher is retiring and has requested ME to sing at her retirement dinner. I'm so honered.

6. Sang at the State Jr. Miss pagaent, went well. Got a SASSY new shirt for it, felt hot in it.

7. My younger sis is having serious marital trauma and it makes me sad.

8. My other younger sis is pregnant again, baby number 2 on the way. While my sis in law says NO WAY to having a baby number 2 anytime soon, Tatertot is enough for her.

9. Spring Break is upon me, my joy is full.

10. I think the mouse is still loose in the house, and it doesn't make me happy.

11. I went to bed at 9:00 on Monday night. What the f mom? I haven't gone to bed that early in, oh, EVER! It was amazing.

12. And finally, my husband has been very sweet lately. On Monday he really cleaned up the house for me before I came home, even made the bed in all its splendor. It was GREAT. I don't tell him how much I appreciate him enough. Oh, AND he came back to church on Sunday, it meant the WORLD to me.

Well, see I told you I had a lot of things to cover. But, instead, I'm just gonna say this. My hair looks freaking awesome today. I mean, it's been lookin pretty darn good for a month. Lanner gave it a fabo cut this last time. Now, if only my color would stay strong and vibrant. So, anyway, I've been wearing it flippy up in the back, and it's been cutey cute. But today, for the first time in a month, I did it under, and it just looks smooth. I'm so pleased. Unfortunately, I'm wearing a t-shirt that is detestable, and my shoes STINK so bad. They're uber cute flip flops wedge heely things. Unfortunately, they seem to have soaked up every unpleasant aroma my foot could ever offer and are now serving the smell for lunch. You KNOW it's not pretty when I can smell it. Yikes!

The 2nd graders are on their way. They've been doing better lately, which is a good thing. So, today, in honor of the impending break, I'm just gonna show them a bit of a video. Ok, fine, the truth is, I have NO idea what to do with them. Their program is over and I've taught them the bass cleff. So, over break I better get clever.

My older sisters ex mother in law died the other day. She wasn't THAT old, only 70 something. But, she's seemed like she was 90 since she was 50. She never took care of herself, and had a ZERO self esteem to boot, so it took its toll. Anyway, she had a massive stroke last week, and then passed on Monday. I'm going to the funeral with my sis, 'cause she doesn't want to go alone. I know, I'm just a good sister like that. I'm even cancelling lessons for this.

I'm sooooo freaking tired of being congested, and runny and hacking and coughing and snotty. Will my misery EVER end? I seriously wonder sometimes what I'm s'posed to be learning from this. I made Jer pick up some Claritan D for me, and it seems to be working. However, my throat and chords feel so dry I can hardly talk sometimes. For the love of all that's good and holy, will this please leave me alone. I only want a simple thing, just let me be able to sing and breathe. I DON'T thinks that too much to ask. WAIT, HOLD ON, I just remembered a VERY important thing to add to my list.

13. I Cooked TWICE last week! SHUTUP, it's true! I made a casseroul, AND enchiladas. It was amazing, and so was the food.

Alrighty, kids are here. Must go.

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