March 25, 2004 | 2:05 p.m.
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So, I have a sitemeter, and the funny thing is....I have absolutely no idea what it's telling me. I mean, I can see, oh ok, 966 people have looked at my site since December. But, who are those people? How do people find out how people get to their sites by google hits and stuff? I just don't get it. But, in my infinitely simple mind, it pleases me to see the number come up at the bottom of my page that says 966 visitors. Makes me feel like SOMEONE actually reads this.

I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I last wrote, why does this happen?

I somehow made it through my school "week" with the kids. I seriously was pulling stuff out of my butt to do with the older kids. I actually had some fun activities for the young ones and I was teaching them some new songs. But, my 4-6th, YIKES! I think I'm gonna really have to buckle down this weekend and come up with a fabulous new unit of things to teach. I'm thinking I'm gonna do a Broadway unit. Why? 'Cause it'd be fun, and it's something I enjoy.

Had major tummy trauma this morning, cancelled my first two lessons. Now, I have an hour before my next student shows up. YEA! Only a few more hours of lessons and I'm done for another week. Tomorrow I'm going visiting teaching, I know, SHOCKER! And then doing a make up lesson for the one I cancelled today. Then, it's freedom! Don't know what we have planned, but it's all good.

Tonight we're going to J and I's to watch Thursday night lineup, AFTER we go to rehearsal. YEP, you read it right. Looks like the Jerster and I are doing "I Love You, You're Perfect" for sure. Oh wait, I never really wrote about this did I? The lady cast 10 people in a 4 person show. Four of us said, SCREW THAT, not worht my time. So, one couple dropped out completely. The director called me and asked what I was gonna do. I told her I had NO interest in being in an 8 person cast when it's meant for 4, so if she wanted to double cast it and make it 4 and 4, I'd be glad to do it. I'd LOVE to do it, but otherwise, no go. So, she made it 4 and 4 and our first rehearsal is tonight. I'm excited to do this show, not excited about our castmates, but such is life. I hope it'll be a fun experience. Jer is trying to convince me to go and audition for VYT's Annie. One of my dream roles is to be Miss Hannigan, and this would be an awesome opportunity to be more seen around the valley. However, I'm nervous. It would intefere with my workshop, and that just makes me leary. But, like he said, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We'll see.

Jer joined Weight Watchers with our friend G. They're so funny, they go shopping together to make sure they buy the right stuff. He's been on the website like a fiend, downloading recipes, planning out meals, etc. He's starting to exercise too. I'm really proud of him, I am! I told him today, if he'd cook for me and have it planned out, I'd totally do it with him. Shoot, I'm the one who needs to be on it FAR more than him! So, he got all excited and said he'd do it. We'll see if he follows through. He's really good at getting excited about things and agreeing to do something, but then deciding he'd rather do something else and falling through. BUT, I hope he does follow through, because I NEED to be on a new life eating plan, and I MUST lose weight. I just do NOT have time to ever cook. So, here's for hoping. I planned to write a whole entry the other day on the guilt I felt for eating one of his skinny cow ice cream sandwhiches. However, I was lazy and didn't write it. But really...have you ever eaten a skinny cow ice cream? They're freaking amazing! I couldn't resist the temptation, and hey, only 2 points. hahahaha He wasn't amused with me messing with HIS food.

Found the greatest game on Yahoo. It's called typer shark, I serioulsy kick ASS! It's the greatest discovery. Yesterday I typed 105 wpm with 100% accuracy. I know, SHUTUP! I was even impressed with myself. Speaking of being impressed with myself. I also actually came up with a whole program idea dn plan for the k-1st graders program. I'm so excited about it! We're gonna do a mixed up jungle cruise theme. So, in our jungle, you'll find the siamese cats, the bear necessities, cruella deville, pink elephants, etc. It's gonna be sooooo freaking A for adorable!

I think Jer is unloading the dishwasher..I'll try not to let the shock overcome me too much here! WOW!

Well, I believe that's all that's been going on.

Later sparky

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