March 26, 2004 | 6:39 p.m.
<- My Boyfriends BACK ->

Ben Affleck is one freaking fine specimen of a man!!! My boyfriend is DEFINITELY back! Ok, let me go back a mo in history here. When Ben hit the scene with Good Will Hunting, I was immediately smitten with him. And from that moment until the Bennifer began, he was MY boyfriend. My main squeeze. Then the unfortunate incident known as J Lo happened, and well, I got over him. I was annoyed by it all, and he became just ick. No more my friends, NO MORE. Today, my Jer and I went to see JERSEY GIRL and I loved it. It made me cry more than once, and more importantly, I fell in love with Ben and his hotness all over again. Seriously, he was beautiful, and his acting was really good too. The little girl is adorable, and does a great job as his daughter. Furthermore, proof that it's a good movie, Liv Tyler didn't bug the crap out of me. Go figure! So, there you have it, my review in very short terms, and my gushing over Ben. Jer told me he was gonna tell CLAY on me, and I had to inform him that Clay was and always will be my VOICE boyfriend, and Ben is my sexy yummy looking boyfriend. There's a difference friends!

So, it's Friday night, I made Jer go into work, cause the called and offered him some hours. We're in DESPERATE need for fundage right now, so no snivelling! So, this leaves me to do laundry, putter around the house doing clean up and playing on the computer. I enjoy nights like this, I really do. I SHOULD be organizing and paying bills, and more importantly, I should be shaving my overgrown hairy legs. But, who wants to do that? Not me. I hate shaving my legs, and I"ll tell you why. 1: I only have a shower, and I have to perch precariously on one fat leg to shave the other leg. 2: when you're fat it's just difficult at times. And well, I guess those are my reasons, other than being lazy. Shoot, women got jipped, we've got to shave our legs, our pitts, pluck and tweeze all unnecessary and errant hairs, put on makeup, do our hair. How fair is that? It's NOT!

Good news, Christine got booted out of the STARTING OVER HOUSE and I couldn't be happier. She never should have been there in the first place. Ok, I have a reality addiction, I need help. Anyone?

Well, the laundry needs a changin, and I need to wrap this up!


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