March 31, 2004 | 12:23 p.m.
<- Soooooooo TIRED! ->

I truly couldn't be more tired if I tried. I've just been putting off writing because I'm too freaking tired. Oh, and I have nothing exciting to report. So, here I've wasted away an hour, meandering around d-land, reading new diaries and not writing in my own. Only one more class and I'm outta here for the week. WOO HOO!!! Today after I leave here, go home, REST, then teach from 3 - 8:00 BOO HOO, then rehearsal from 8-10:00. I NEED SLEEP!

My poor Jer is VERY, VERY sick! He started to feel sick on Friday, by Saturday night it had become full blown strep. Sunday he was a disaster, and Monday we broke down and sent him to the doctor. I HATE not having insurance, it just SUCKS! Thankfully the doctor was so great to him. He gave him the antibiotics for free, and I don't think he's charging for the visit. Basically the Dr. was horrified at what he saw there in Jer's throat. He said it was the worst case he'd seen in many years, and if Jer had waited much longer, we would have been in for some serious consequences. He has strep and tonsellitas, a near bursting ear-drum and he'd been walking around with a 103 degree fever for 2 days. On top of that he'd lost 10 pounds in 4 days. Poor guy. He's in so much agony, and I feel so bad for him. I honestly can't remember the last time I've ever been sick like that. I mean I feel like utter CRAP every day of my life, but not sick SICK like that. So, today is day three on the meds, but unfortunately, he's feeling worse. It's spread to the other tonsil, and the infection looks like it's on the roof of his mouth as well. So, he's calling the doc again today, per his orders to see about going in again. Oh, the other really sucky thing...Jer is allergic to penicillan. This sucks because, we have several friends with ready supply of the stuff, and he can't take it. He told the doc that, and the doc said, yeah, that sucks, too bad you couldn't take them up on it. I thought it was funny. So, needless to say, Jer missed rehearsal on Mon (more in a min) and will miss tonight, and I'm fearing that our Clay Aiken trip is in peral. Well, HIS is. I'm sorry, but this fatty is NOT missing my Clay live and in person. I'll by myself if I have to.

So, there's the husband report.

Monday night we rehearsed "Stud and a Babe" a hysterical song about dating. It's gonna be such a blast when we get it all down. We just had so much fun deciding what to do. I fear that the director in me may have come out a few times and irritated the real director. I tried to curb it, I really did, because it's not my place to be deciding what happens. YIKES! Good thing I've worked with her for so long, and we've directed together before.

Sunday I was up until 1:00 working on a KICK ASS bulletain board for my room. I decided to do a whole unit on Music Theatre and Broadway. I've got to take a pic and put it on my fotolog. Since I refuse to pay for Gold, therefore not being cool enough to post pics on the diary itself. Anyway....I got about 3 1/2 hrs. sleep Sunday, Monday is my LONG day at school, came home, taught then went to rehearsal. Went to bed around midnight Monday, woke up and went to the LONGEST day ever Tuesday. Normally, it's a good day, but yesterday we had an open house at the school. So I didn't leave and take my usual nappy. I stayed and cleaned my room like it hadn't ever been cleaned before. It looks AWESOME! I finished bulletain boards, I rearranged, fixed, etc. Then, after school I had my usual lessons, then the open house, then dinner with my sis. Needless to say, i didn't get home until 10:30. Then Trace brought over the American Idol tape, we watched. Here's what I'm gonna say on that:

LaToya: LOVED the hair, thought it looked great. She was flat singing, not her best performance.

JPL: Not an on night singing, but he's still hobbity cute.

John Stevens: Go the FREAK home, you are horrible beyond words and have aboslutely NO personality.

Camille: You looked retarded up there, and your voice sucks!

Jasmine: You're cute as can be, but need serious coaching on how to control the voice you have. AND, find a pitch and stick with it!

Jennifer: You have freaky eyes, and you were singing like a mad woman. However, i give you props, you were the best thus far.

Fantasia: Don't even get me started. You freaky freak of nature. What the hell were you wearing? Why must I be subjected to the horror that is her voice! I hate EVERYONE on that damn judging panel for loving her.

Amy: You are adorable and you rocked. Well ok, that last note was nothing to write home about, but before that...good times!

Dianna: Your talent is phenomenal! Please don't ever wear your hair like that again, it scared me. And your outfit made you look fat. But, I still love ya!

George: Next to Fantasia there is noone I hate more. You and your damn batting eyelashes MUST go, or I must kill! You are NOT all that! You didn't even make the top 32 to begin with, so damn you Simon for cursing me with him!

The end!

I do NOT Like this season as much as last. It just does not have the same feel.

I think I'm getting a UTI, or bladder infection. That's just wierd! i haven't had something like that in years. But, it's not feeling so great right now. yesterday my eyes wouldn't stop twitching...talk about annoying. AND, today my throat is scratchy and I'm coughing. I'm not a fan of this, not a fan at all!

I keep spending money on eating out, I must stop. Monday night a drive through pizza, last night applebees. At least I didn't go to lunch today, props to me for that!

Yeah, so I made this amazing bulletain board, and now I don't really know what aproach to use to teach the subject. I mean, what fun way to catch them, and involve them and not just give them lots of information. I need game ideas, activities. This is where I fail. I'm soooo freaking great at presentation, it's the meat that I'm missing.

Well, the kids are nearly here and I have to pee like nobody's business. Now I have no time to do it.

Is it a bad thing to buy candy for the kids that you mean to give out as treats, and then pretty much eat all of them yourself? Yeah, I thought so. Today I ate (all in fun size) 3 kit kats, and 2 butterfingers, and I probably ate that much or more yesterday. How ridiculous. Great, now my husband is gonna read this and be mad at me. Sorry, it's just there, I cna't help mysel. Actually, it's been there for weeks and weeks before and I forget about it, then I rediscover it and eat a bunch for 2 days and then leave it alone for a month. So, maybe I'm just getting it out of my system. Who knows.

Oh my gosh, I went on a chat room about American Idol last night, just for kicks and giggles. Some chick freaking tried to start a little fight with me, it was hilarious! I'm frightened for the state of America though...'cause you wouldn't believe how many people were like, Camille is so good, and Jasmine was so great, and George is the greatest. More importantly, a ton were saying how much they loved John Steven. What is WRONG with these people? Do they not have ears that hear the mediocrity that hisses forth from these people? Oy vay! Anyway, my near chatroom fight was the highlight of my night! I was surprised I didn't have any nasty little e-mails waiting for me. hee hehe

Ok, I've rambled on long enough!

Love and snickers!

Oh and a shout out to Holli, thanks for the e-mails. Fun for me!!!

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