April 12, 2004 | 9:47 a.m.
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OH MY GASH!!! Has it really been SIX days? Good grief! Well, I'm just here to say, it was the SHORTEST, most jam packed weekend ever. I never even got to sit on my couch longer than 10 minutes. And that my friends, SUCKS!! I look so forward to weekends when I get to veg and do nothing if I so choose. Well, let me see if I can retrace my steps in an abbreviated form.

Wed. April 7:Well, it was a shcool day, and I obviously got through it. Came home and literally collapsed on the bed. I had some time before my first lesson, so I took about a 45 minute nap. So, taught my lessons and got the beautiful phone call that rehearsal had been cancelled. WOO freaking HOO!! But something happened or came up because I didn't get to see the elimination show of American Idol. Where was I? I'm so confused. Anyway, thankfully Camille I suck rocks Velasco got booted.


Thursday April 8: Actually got up and got ready on time for my first lesson. It was one of our best lessons. See, he's a good friend, and we always end up talking a lot, which makes me feel really guilty. So, that day we worked and worked and he had a lot of good voice questions. I felt so much better when he left that day. After he left we went to lunch with my Sis who was in town. Her daughter is freaking adorable, I can't even stand it. Livy knows sign language, because my sister has these cute videos called Signing Time. Anyway, she was like a performing monkey...we'd say "Livy, say dirty" and she'd do the little sign and say it. Ok, I know, you had ot be there, but it was too cute. Unfortunately, Livy was really sick most the week she was there, so I only got to see her happy for a total of about 1/2 hr. Anyway, after lunch at the Krazy Sub, we went home and I got ready for an afternoon of teaching. Teaching went quickly, and then I was DONE! I was RUSHED to get to our friends house so we could get to the Easter Pageant on time. My friend is one of the directors of the pageant, so we got some primo up front seats. I haven't been to the pageant in quite a few years. For those that don't know, it's the story of Chrits's life from birth to death, done with music and drama, on the Temple grounds of the Arizona Temple. It's really quite beautifully done. I'm glad I got to see it this year. I only fell asleep for a tiny little part. Yea me! After the pageant we went and got a little Taco Bell, and headed to friends house for an Apprentice viewing party. OH DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED! I mean, I'm totally fine with the final two guys. HOwever, what the hell was up with the evil one name of "OM*&%^!". Why must I be subjected to seeing her lying, whining, condescending, bitchy face ever again. We only made it worse by watching the Oprah from that afternoon. You know the one, where Ereka and Heidi were sitting in chairs practically in the audience, and then oh bitchy one got to sit on the couch with Oprah and Trump. Oh my gosh, it still gets me pissed. Because she tries to be so holier than thou. UGH! Anyway, it was a really fun night. We seriously have the greatest friends, we're so lucky. It was a late night to sleep.


Friday April 9: Got up to watch Starting Over. Thank the heavens above, PJ is finally gone!!!! After watching, sooo wanted to go back to sleep, but decided to check the messages. Wouldn't you know, my sister had called, telling me the whole family was meeting for lunch in 45 minutes. HELLO. It takes me at LEAST an hour to get ready, and that's with a super rush. I was so irritated! But, you'll all be glad to know I got ready in record time and was only a little late. We ate at Macayo's. For some reason that is where we always go when it's the WHOLE family. It's really not my favorite place, but whatever. It was fun to be with everyone. Jer didn't go because he didn't want to get up, AND he hates Mexican. OH, I forgot to say, apparently, our second car, my THIRTEEN year old, first car I ever bought car...well it died a violent death on Wed. Jer said he was lucky to get home at all. So, we're down to one car right now, and it just sucketh. I really don't know how any couple survives on one car. I can NOT be pinned to my house w/out transport. But, I digress. After lunch, dropped the car to Jer so he could go to work, and I went and hung out at my bros. house with my sis. since we had rehearsal later. Rehearsal was ok. I was getting really irritated with the director, because I just wan't liking her choices. I know, I should REALLY get over myself. But, who knew I had so many opinions about stage direction. However, in the end, I'm sure it'll be fine. There are just a lot of unmotivated crosses, and stuff. After rehearsal went back to bro and sis in laws and just hung out. All the sisters and my one bro. We chatted, vegged, etc. It was lovely. Finally at about 8:00 I took the beater truck from my parents house and went home. I played on the computer for a long time, and as you can tell, never wrote. I read diaries EVERY DAY. I NEVER miss a day of reading. I go back and check some, many times in a day, because I don't know what else to do on the computer. I seriously get on to read diaries, occassionaly check bank accounts, read e-mail and then sometimes work on lessons. But, I get bored, I'm so not a surfer. I try and think of things to look for, and well, it just doesn't amuse me. Anywho, Jer got home from work and I think we just went to bed. We're so the boring people.


Saturday April 10: OY! That day was gone before it ever began. I got up at 7:30 a.m. on SATURDAY so I could be ready for rehearsal. We had rehearsal from 9 - Noon, and it went fine. We ran most of the first act, all that we had done. I have to say, I need some serious practice. I still don't know most of the opening song. I was sucking it up. But, it still all went fairly smoothly. Jer and I sure get a lot of laughs when we're doing our songs together. I can't determine if it's because we really are funny and good, or if it's just funny to watch to fat people frollick around like we do. Hmmm, it's a mystery. Anywho, I must insert here, my sister, she's in the other cast, is FREAkING awesome! I'm just so proud of her. She's doing such a good job. I really wish we were in the same cast, it's so not fair to our family to have to choose, or to have to pay twice. Ok, so after rehearsal, the director and I went shopping for possible costume clothes. Really we just wear REAL clothes, so we bought several dresses, and a couple other things. Ummmm, let's just say, dressing a fat woman is an EXPENSIVE little endeavor. She spent over $900, yeah, NINE HUNDRED dollars on 4 dresses, two shirts and two pants. Holy CRAP! But, we aren't necessarily keeping all of them, we just have to see what is gonna work. Ok, this is getting too long. So, after shopping, I had NO time to go shopping for a baby gift for my cousins shower. I just refreshed my look, and ran out the door. This is my cousins THIRD baby, and it's her THIRD boy, but they're UBER poor, so somehow they felt it ok to break all rules of etiquite and have a shower. Good thing I love her. It was good to see her and my other relatives. I seriously have the greatest family, immediate AND extended.

Ok, so left there picked up Jer and went grocery shopping. We spent too much. UGH! Took the groceries home, dropped them off, thank goodness for Trace, our third appendage, she helped me so much. Got everything situated, powdered my face and we were off again. We went to dinner with Jon and B, they're a fabulous couple. It was a nice time, we laughed and chatted and caught up with eachother. After dinner, we headed home so I could start working on my RS lesson. Suffice it to say, I was up until 2 a.m. Thankfully, Trace to the rescue again, she painted my toenails for me, at 1:30 in the morning. I was too tired to make the effort, but I had to have matching orangey toenails to go with my new VERY springy orangey dress. So, I fell asleep in the chair, letting my toes dry. Finally, I woke up, washed my face and fell into bed at 3 a.m.


Sunday April 11 EASTER: Got up early enough to get ready and finish working on my lesson. My lesson was on a personal and abiding testimony in Christ and the Gospel. I called and asked my friend Jenyea to sing. She's famous in this town, and I was honored she'd do it for me. So, went to church, it was grand. My lesson went well, I think. I had Jer come and tell his conversion story and bare his testimony. It went REALLY well, the people were really touched. Jenyea sang beautifully, and that's that.

Crap, out of time, will have to continue later.

Ok, I'm back, the 4th graders just HAD to have my attention during their movie, so I ended. Anyway, after church on Sunday, Jer and I went to dinner at his Moms. It was a really nice dinner, delish, home cooked yumminess. We stayed for a few hours and visited, and then had to head home to just wrap up loose ends of the weekend. I feel kinda bad, 'cause it has seriously been since December since I've even set foot in Pegs house. We NEVER go and see her. She's come to our house a couple of times, but not much. The thing is, one, I'm just sooo freaking busy, and or tired all the time, it's a huge effort to even think about visiting. And secondly, it's just not my favorite thing to do. I know, I'm a sucky daughter in law, I really am. But, I'm just not gonna dwell on it anymore. Ok, so we went home, Jer ended up going to some friends to hang out, I was in NO mood to do so. I needed to think about my school plans for today, AND, I wanted to just BE HOME! However, I decided to go visit my sis and baby livy to say goodbye before they went home today. Poor Dix, she's pregnant, and yesterday was a day that she threw up NON STOP from morning until night. On the upside, Livy was happy as a clam, her medicine finally working. She finally let me hold her, which made my joy complete. Anyway, hung out, said goodbye, then went over to where Jer was so I could get my school bag out of the car. Chatted for a few, and FINALLY at 10:15 was home and ready to think about school. EXCEPT, then i decided I couldn't stand my house. So, I vacuumed, picked up, straightened, hung up some laundry and just generally worked to make it more presentable. The dust is still a good 6 inches thick, but that'll have to wait. FINALLY at 11:15 I started lesson plans. Tragically, I got nothing accomplished really. Thankfully the oldere kids were all watching a video of Pirates of Penzance today. It's all worked out just fine, but still, I hate feeling frazzled. I stupidly went to bed around 1:30 a.m., knowing I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. Well, I slept in until nearly 6:00, which was nice. I got to school JUST in time to throw my room together and set up the TV. And so here I am, typing away. ******************************************************* Just found out that not only is one cousin due next month, another is due in June, two more due in Oct and Nov, PLUS my sis in Oct. It's baby central for the Shum clan, and I am not contributing. I really do want to have a baby. People who have no issues getting pregnant have no idea how blessed they are. It makes me sad to think of all the fertility treatments that lay ahead of me. But, before I can do any of that, I'm most definitely gonna have to get myself in better shape. As I was holding Tater poo yesterday during church, it was just increasingly apparent that I'm too freaking fat to be a mom right now. Not a pity party, just the truth. Well, that's all the updating for one day! Later

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